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From: Lee Mariner
Subject: Mark - Series Part #55MARK
Lee MarinerJune 2002DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional gay
fantasy involving a homosexual relationship
between an uncle and his nephew. IF YOU ARE
PLEASE LEAVE.All free petite preteens
characters depicted are fictional and in
no way related to any person or persons
AVOIDED.This work is copyrighted by the author naughty preteen photos and
may not be preteen free lesbian reproduced in any format without
the specific written consent of the author.
It is assigned to the Nifty Archives under
the provisions of their submission
guidelines preteen vagina
but it may not be copied or
archived on any other site without the
consent of the author.Copyright: 2002 -- Author: Lee Mariner -- All
Rights are * * * * * * * * *Chapter #55The evening was cool and the silvery moon drifted
slowly across a cloudless ebony sky illuminating
the surrounding foliage. Mark lay quietly in my
arms the fingers of his right hand gently stroking
my neck. I pulled the robe closer looking down at
the innocence of a little boy in the magnificently
powerful body of a growing young man. His normally
brilliant hazel eyes were black in the darkness of
the night and the silver moon but I could see
golden glints as he gazed up at me with complete
trust. I think it was at times like this when we
were together that the rest of the world did not
exist for us. I imagine many people think it is
redundant when one person expresses their feelings
for someone else but I believe they have not
experienced a loving bonding relationship such as
existed between he and I. I remembered when I first
changed his diapers and the way he giggled when I
powdered his little behind and winkie with his
empty wrinkled scrotum just below it and I wondered
what the future held for those two most prized
parts of the male anatomy. Little did I know at
that time 12 y preteensex how familiar I would become with those
two in particular? I remember his little legs and
arms pumping in the air his incredible forbidden preteen ass eyes
flashing. Memories of him growing and watching his
youthful development, the times he would jump up in
my lap and my heart almost stopping as he hugged
me. I knew even then what the desire was I felt but
the fear was greater, the fear of losing him and I
left, denied him. Memories floated through my head."You're thinking again Uncle Lee. Why do you keep
thinking of the past? We have years ahead of us.""You, Mark, have an uncanny ability to inject
yourself in a persons thoughts. I think of the past
because you are in it. I have the memories of you
as a little boy and how I cartoons preteen lesbian loved you then but I
denied it and you. Now I worry about your future
and I want to be sure you are safe in that future.
I don't worry about losing you because that will
never happen. You may meet someone like Calvin
again or you and Calvin might even become preteen island girls
and that is fine just as long as you are happy.
Lose you, no. I will always be in your life when
you need me.""I can always tell when you are thinking of you and
I and I don't want anyone but you Uncle Lee,
never." He said snuggling closer holder me a little
tighter."I hope that is true but we have discussed this
before. In life you only have one true love that is
with you always even unto death and it never leaves
you. Others may enter you life and love may come
again but it never replaces the first true love you
felt for another man. Remember our talking about
you might meet someone your age? If that should
happen don't feel bad for me Mark, your life has
not fully expanded and it will. I would love
nothing better then you and it together as long preteen modles nonude
it is God's will but I would never deny you the
right to be with someone you love or feel you love.
I will never deny you the right to explore and I
have tried showing you there is a preteen kds ls right and a wrong
way. You and Calvin went as far as you could go and
both be happy. You both love each other and Calvin
would have made it preteen bdsm fashion a lasting relationship but even
then he realized you were not ready for such a
relationship but he had and cherishes the love you
and he felt for each other and still have.""You're leaving me again aren't you? When you start
talking like you are now, it means you almost legal preteen are
leaving." He said looking up at me. "When Uncle
Lee?""Why?" I thought to myself do I always seem to be
hurting him. When will our lives become stable and
the leaving will not be a part of it. "Not for a
few days Mark, I have some things I need to take
care of here and down at Uncle Bill's. I'll arrange
that so we can make a weekend of it, maybe stay at
the same motel. You know Uncle Bill is adopting
Calvin and I have to make a deposition as to his
character in connection with the adoption. We will
have a few days together before I leave. I think I
will take up an offer I was made by a friend in
Dover, Delaware to come into his real-estate
business."I felt him sigh deeply, squeezing me tighter. "If
you go there will you be staying there? You won't
be coming home? preteen nymphete model
I'll be 18 then Uncle Lee, can I
come and live with you there?""That's almost a year away Sport and lots can
happen. I don't see why not if everything goes as I
think it will. Even if you are 18, we will still
have to talk with your Mom and Dad about it, you
can't just ignore their feelings Sport.""I don't think they will mind if I'm gonna be with
you.""Probably not but we should still talk with them.
Hey, you know something Sport we have been holding
each other and hugging and you haven't gotten a
hard-on once.""You haven't either Uncle Lee. I haven't been
thinking about sex just holding you, feeling how
much you love me and I love you.""And that little fella means you are growing.
Loving someone does not mean it has to be sex all
of the time. Just enjoying being with each other
and feeling the vibes between you can preteen naked forum be just about
as satisfying."The moon was slowly dipping down behind the preteen strip video horizon
and there was dampness in the air. "We better get
inside Sport, it's getting late.""Yes sir, I guess so. I just love being with you,
your arms around me, holding me."I feel the same way Sport but tomorrow is going to
be a big day for both of us and we did get up
pretty early this morning." Mark had that lost
puppy dog look in his eyes but he knew I was right
and we disentangled ourselves reluctantly walking
slowly to the back door."Fold that robe and put it away Mark. Let your eyes
get used to the dark before you move around; we
don't want to wake John and Sharon. I'll get the
lights and preteens twins naked check he front door."Darkness has a way of making some things seem
almost ethereal. The glow from the sweden nude preteens
outside security
light that John had installed bathed the room in a
soft iridescence and it seemed to form a halo
around Mark. I started too reach for the night
light but stopped when I heard him whisper."Leave it off, please, Uncle Lee, we don't really
need it," He said, moving slowly towards me,
removing his pullover and dropping it on preteen childfuck pics the floor.
The magnificent definition of his body glowed in
the soft light his chest rising and falling
expanding the thickness of his preteen sexe gallery breasts. cute ameatur preteen
nipples jutted out beckoning, demanding to be
sucked, nibbled on. I could not take my eyes from
his, my cock thickening and swelling throbbed in a
luxuriant pain that cried for release. He unbuckled
his belt dropping his shorts around his ankles; cute panties preteen his
gaze never wavered as he moved closer, golden
glints flashing springing from their depths. His
magnificent beauty immobilized my limbs even though
every muscle in my body screamed, aching to hold
him.He stood like a statue every muscled outlined as if
chiseled from gleaming white marble. He surpassed
the bounds placed on normal mortals. He was
Michelangelo's David, Adonis son of Smyrna
incarnate, he was Mark and I would die for him if
the god's called for it.He moved closer until I could see the pulse beat of
his heart beneath his breastplate and the pink tip
of his tongue wetting his lips as he slowly
unbuttoned and removed my shirt. Placing my hands
on his hips I urged him towards me his long thick
hard cock jutting out from the forest of his soft
silken naked tight preteens
pubic hair. Our lips touched as he loosened
my shorts the pent up energy of my confined steel
hard cock released, springing forth, touching
Mark's incendiary length. I tightened my grip and
pulled his rock hard stomach and pelvis preteen freesex tight
against me our cock's crushed together pre-cum
flowing from urethral slits in soft velvety coronas
with foreskins stretching around sensitive crowns.I could feel the intense passionate desire rising
within both of us as our muscles rippled tightening
and relaxing. Nothing needed to be said between
Mark and I as he slowly pulled me too his bed. We
had almost passed the physical need and became
almost spiritual connection. We had reached the
level of metempsychosis, a transmigration of our
souls. It had become a feeding and a fulfilling of
the needs of two kindred spirits. It was the
bonding of souls.The giving and taking of the life giving forces
within each of us was a drawing from the well of
life, a ritual that sustained us as we worshiped at
the metaphorical alter of physical love that
radiated from deep within.He pink pussy preteen
held my hands lightly as he slowly lowered his
body onto the bed and I knelt beside him. His eyes
told me he was once again he was giving that which
was mine alone, himself and I accepted his gift.
Placing my lips over the soft succulence of his, I
drew his tongue into my mouth with a gentle suction
tasting his sweetness my hand placed of his smooth
soft breast. The dark corners of the room seemed to
hold the shadows of past lovers approving as I took
him into my mouth tasting the nectar that flowed
from with him.He moaned softly his hand reaching for my endowment
but I refused him this once. Tonight I wanted only
him. "Not tonight Mark, tonight I want only you.
Realize again how much I love you now and that love
is yours for always. You preteen poohnany galleries
are my soul mate and you
were born to be the epitome of physical perfection,
the vessel that holds the ambrosia that is
exchanged gallery preteen thumb between lovers." He smiled looking at me
with a gentle soft gleam in his eyes. Lust had been
replaced by love and I accepted it.Twisting so that his thick-sheathed cock would slip
downward into my throat, reaching into the depths
of my esophagus I nursed on that thickness drawing
his life's force from within the churning
receptacle of his scrotum his testicles swelling
and mixing the nectar they held. A euphoric ecstasy
drifted over us as a thin layer of perspiration
covered us as his stomach muscles tightened. His
hips lifted slightly responding to the demanding
suction of my mouth and lips and I stroked my steel
hard cock beside the bed.Mark groaned and ran his fingers through my thick
hair, his body had slipped into preteens school porn
a sexual pre teen pcis
and his hips increased in intensity as he drove his
cock deeper holding my head in galleries preteen incest place. I felt the
telltale thickening and hardening that warned he
was close and very soon would fill my body with the
ambrosia of the gods the nectar we all craved and
my own offering would spill onto the floor between
my legs and I groaned around his sensitive cock
sending electrifying shocks through his body. He
arched his back emitting a deep growl from within
the depths of his chest and forced my head
downward.I intensified my suction and with only the warning
of his body tightening, his hips drove violently
upwards as he exploded into my mouth in a volcanic
eruption of molten sperm. Stream after stream
flowed into my stomach in hard jerking spasms as he
held my face tightly against best preteen list his pelvis and I
breathed through my nose smelling the musky
sweetness of his soft pubic hair, my cock gushing
filling my hand and preteens maxwells flowing onto the floor. I lay
my head on his hard ridged abdominal muscles and we
both relaxed slowly reveling in the soft after glow
or satisfaction.Mark's cock slowly softened as young preteen paysites
I twisted my tongue
around it lovingly. He stroked my head and ran his
hand over the muscles of my pretty preteen inocent back and then he
whispered softly. "Thanks Uncle Lee, for loving me
as much as I love you."Giving preteen pussy book his cock one final draining with tight lips,
I lifted myself up turning and he was lying there
with that little boy look. Leaning down I nuzzled
his nose with preteen whores free
mine our eyes locked, "I better clean
up Sport and then we get some sleep." He lay under
me gazing upwards his eyes gleaming softly and he
lifted his hand stroking my cheek. No one would
ever convince me that what we felt was wrong. Love
is never wrong regardless of who shows it.I quickly cleaned the floor and washed my hands
before slipping into bed with Mark pulling the
sheet over us. He snuggled in as close as he could
and laid his head on my bicep with my arm around
his chest and we drifted slowly off, the preteen angel newsgroup dark
softness of the room surrounding us. The shades of
lover's eons past drifted in the shadows and they
were our judges, our protection as we slept. * * * * * * * * *During the night, Mark had turned and was facing me
his lips almost touching mine his warm breath
smelling sweet not curdled as so many times some
did. The clocks noise assaulted us with its
irritating incessant clamor to be heard. Mark
reached over me searching for the switch that would
stop the irritation of being awakened from a sound
sleep and finding it turned the unwanted noise off.
He dropped his arm over my shoulders trapping my
arm and pulling us closer together. Two very hard
cocks strained in the limited space between hard
flat stomachs and he pressed even closer his hard
muscled arm felt like a steel band as he tightened
his bicep. Kissing my eyelids he whispered quietly,
" it feels like we both have a hard problem to take
care of. I think we better get up?""I enjoy being held by the most exquisite young man
in the world but I do think you are right, I am
about to burst. Would you care to join me in
draining the lizard?"Mark released me and rolling out of bed, dashed for
the bathroom my piss hard cock waving like a
battering ram as he followed me in the same
condition. Flipping the seat and lid up it might
have sounded like Niagara Falls as two very strong
streams poured into the clear water of the commode
and we both smiled at each other as the water
turned a golden shade. Leaning nymphets gallery preteens
over I kissed his
lips softly and we both milked the last drops of
urine from our urethral canals. Our cocks slowly
softened and we turned taking each other into our
arms holding each other with only the pressure
enjoyed by just being held."Well Sport, today is the beginning of the last
days of the rest of our lives, you ready for it?""As long as I have you Uncle Lee, preteen nude drawings I'm ready for
anything."We stood there holding each other for a few minutes
looking into each others eyes when there was a loud
knock at the door, "hey, you guys awake? Gotta get
going Mark it's 6o'clock and school starts at
7:30.""We're awake Dad, just getting in the shower. Be
out in a few minutes, okay?""Go ahead Mark and get your shower, I'll follow
along.""Don't you want too shower with me Uncle Lee, we
always do?""And then we start playing like we always do and
before you realize it you'll be late. You know I'm
right.""Now who knows who? Your right though, but you are
just more then I can resist. How about later we get
in a work out, it's been a long time?""That would be great but let's see what time I get
back from downtown."While Mark showered and dried, I shaved and then
took my shower. He was dressing in a pair of light
gray Tommy Hilfiger slacks with a light lemon
colored photos preteen rompl
button down collared shirt. I knew he liked
Hilfiger so I had bought him a pair of chestnut
brown moccasins and a silver gray pair. Both pairs
would match just about anything he wore in casual
clothing. long leg preteen
I did not buy him any tight fitting
pullovers or jeans since I thought he looked more
comfortable in short and long sleeved collared
shirts with matching slacks. He didn't agree at
first but after he had dressed and looked at
himself when I first bought them he had to agree
and even thought he looked sexier then showing his
body off. Like most teenagers he was preening in
front of the full-length mirror on the wall of the
bedroom. His light brown hair was still damp and
looked a little plastered down but it would dry and
lay in natural waves. He reached inside his open
fly and pulled the shirttails down and the cotton
cloth clung to his torso showing the sculpted
beauty of his chest and narrow waist.I let out a low whistle from where I was sitting on
the bed pulling my socks on and he turned looking
at me his hazel eyes glowing. "You think I'll look
okay for the first day?""You might have every girl g preteen string in the school following
you and maybe a few boys, who knows. You look good
enough to eat."He started cock hungry preteens pulling his zipper down and grinned.
"Whenever you want it.""Damn Mark, you sexed up young preteens russians
imp. Lets get some
breakfast and I'll carry you too school."He dodged my feint of punching his shoulder
reaching for the doorknob his eyes laughing as we
went into the kitchen where his parents were
sitting. Sharon got up and looking at her son
exclaimed, "I think I might need a body guard with
you Mark. I swear you get better looking as you
grow older.""You're just saying that because you love me.
What's for breakfast?""The usual, eggs, bacon or ham with toast, juice
and milk. You may have coffee with your breakfast
if you want it Lee, what would you like?""All of the above Kathy, I'm starved and got a full
day ahead of me, good morning John.""Morning bro, I had a couple of things I'd like to
go over pre teen story with you when you get the time. Are you
going to be staying long this trip?"I glanced at Kathy who stopped pouring me a cup of
coffee for just a moment and then finished pouring
sitting the cup in front of me. I noticed right off
an edge in my brother's tone but Mark did not seem
to have noticed. I looked at John but his head hung
down, his eyes focused on the spoon he was twirling
in his cup. I inhaled deeply, exhaling quietly
trying to get my thoughts together before
responding but I couldn't help but wonder why John
was upset."I need to make a couple of phone calls after I run
Mark to school bro. When are guys leaving for your
office?""Not until about 9:00 this morning. Gary my foreman
has things under control so we don't need to rush
in. You coming back here after you drop him off?""I had thought I would. If you guys are going to be
here we can talk then if you want."The drive to Mark's school was a matter of about 10
minutes. When we pulled in the parking lot and
students seemed to be everywhere. Most of them were
hanging around their parked cars while others were
on the steps leading into the large 3 story
building or just milling around under the trees in
small female/male segregated groups talking. It was
amazing, they all looked fresh in their new school
clothes and I preteen latin gallery was happy to see that Mark wouldn't
need to feel he didn't measure up."Looks like the herd is gathering Uncle Lee, will I
see you this afternoon after school?""I'm not sure Sport, naughty preteens photos
I've got several things to
take care of and I'm not sure how long it's going
to take. If I'm not here when you get out I'll see
you later or I'll call the house. You have a good
day and tell me all about.""See ya later Uncle Lee, don't forget working out
later if you get pre teen skirt
home.""I won't." Mark dashed from the car joining a group
of boys about his age and he melted right into the
group. I watched in the rear view mirror and saw
him raise his hand in a wave as I drove off
returning too the house.John was still sitting at the kitchen table as I
walked in but Kathy was in another room. I fixed
another cup of coffee sitting down across the table
from him. "What's on your mind John?""Mainly Mark Lee. Both of us are worried about him
and how he will act when you leave again. He never
has talked about it with us Lee but we can tell he
has such a fear of losing you it affects everyone
around him. He withdraws within himself and is very
moody. It scares Kathy."Kathy came back underground preteen list in the kitchen as John was talking
and poured her a fresh coffee and warmed ours
before sitting down. "We talked about it after you
called the other evening Lee. We know how he feels
but its difficult trying to get him to talk about
it."Listening to her, I glanced at Johns face and there
was a look of despair, something I had never seen
before. John had always been able to meet things
head on and come up with a resolution."Lee, we don't blame you for any of this. I told
you we knew when Mark was 8 years old the direction
his life was going in and when he started showing
his feelings for you it didn't frighten us and the
dedication he put into his bodybuilding and
studying impressed us. When you would leave he
would be depressed for a while and his grades would
suffer for a short time until he went back home preteens naked to
working out and then his demeanor would change for
the better. When he met Carl and started hanging
with him preteen top50 girl
we thought maybe his interest had changed
until you came back this last time. When he knew
you were back from Saudi Arabia, he lit up like a
Christmas tree and we knew then that there was only
one person that would ever really be part of his
life, you. He still has a year of high school and
then college Lee we want only what is best for him
and now that he is 17 preteen anal pic it scares us more that when
you leave this time we don't know what he will do."
It is strange but somehow I knew this conversation
was going to take place and I sort of welcomed it.
I hated walking on eggshells around my own family.
I would always be grateful too John for what he had
done for me years before but he had always sort of
swept it under the rug so to speak. I looked at
both of them and there was a pleading look in their
eyes. "I think you are making a mountain out of a
mole hill. Mark and I have talked about this and he
knows his education comes first. He knows I am in
the middle of re-location and he knows developed preteen models I may,
emphasize may settle in preteen illegal pix Delaware.""Delaware Lee, what's wrong with here in
Cincinnati?""Nothing John, I guess. Most of the people I have
worked with are on the east coast in Pennsylvania,
New York, Delaware and Virginia not in Ohio. A very
large conglomerate has absorbed MegaDataProcessing
and I have no place in that environment. I could
have stayed but I don't take easily to being
dictated too, not with or without my background.
That's not arrogance on my part John, just facts. I
like being consulted when changes are being done
that affect me and not dictated as to what I will
and will not do. You don't like that anymore then I
do. Melvin McKay and I along with George Whittstone
built MegaData and then some jerks come along and
take over the company in what is preteens nude giers called a hostile
takeover and it was done on the sly. None of us
overseas knew about it until after we were re-
called.""You never told us any of that Lee.""There was no reason I should tell you and John
Kathy. If it had not happened I would probably
still be in the Middle East and none of this would
have come about although it may have under
different circumstances. I did my best to avoid
being an influence on Mark but you guys are the
only real family I have not counting Doug and I
couldn't stay away forever.""I guess you're right Lee, we probably should have
tried to talk with Mark and understand chinese preteen pics it more.
It's not like we thought it would go away or
anything, there just never seemed to be a right
time.""That is usually the case John, most parents try
and avoid it. But talk with Mark now and you might
be surprised just how intelligent your son is. He
thinks about many of the same things you are
talking about.""Are you going to be working in Delaware Lee? You
know he will want to be there with you.""I know that Kathy but that's his decision and I'd
be lying if I said I didn't want him there with me.
I have no idea what your plans are naked nu preteen for his further
education but he ppreteen young pussy
did ask if he could be with me in
Delaware if I stayed there. I told him his
education came first and we had a year before we
needed to discuss it. A friend of mine has asked me
to come in the real estate business with models preteens boys him and
I'm considering it. I need to meet with Cliff in
his office, talk with my stockbrokers and I need to
get in touch with Phillip Cohigg in Dover about his
offer. I knew Phil in the Navy and he inherited his
uncles real estate business, it's the most well
known and respected in the state. Things will work
out but you both need to talk with Mark not just
let is slide.""You're right Lee, we were hoping it would work out
with you & him preteen naked posing
and that was foolish. Its hard
believing Mark has grown like he has, parents don't
want to see that.""He has grown in more ways than one John.
Physically he has transformed himself into a
magnificent specimen of young manhood as you well
know and mentally he is far above many others hot preteen fucked his
age.""Yeah and I was proud of what he was doing but not
thinking he might have others things he needed to
work on. That old birds and bees talk is not a
cure-all if you don't listen and observe your
children. We latvia preteen girls better be getting on in Kathy, you
gonna be here when we get home Lee?""I should but I'll leave you a note if I'm not.
Don't you guy's go naked preteen agency
worrying, just talk with preteen bikini thong
and I know you will feel better." * * * * * * * * preteen models vombat *Its funny how so many people think along the same
lines but are reluctant to talk about what is on
their minds even in families. My brother and his
wife had a concern about Mark and I but instead of
asking us both about it they avoid what they
consider the most vulnerable person in the
equation. Mark had a right as well as I too know
how his parents felt but they avoided asking him
preferring to hope the situation would clear up
itself. That is why there is so legal preteen nonude
much distrust and
misunderstanding about homosexuality, the simple
fact that people won't talk about it, hide it under
the run it's someone else's problem.I watched as John and Kathy drove off before going
into our bathroom and drained the lizard of excess
fluid. I had needed that for preteen virgin pussy a long time and it was
almost as good as a climax but not quite. Taking my
attaché case with me and sitting down at preteen child fucking
the table
again with the telephone, I opened up my palm
planner and punched in the code for the private
number of Erik and Scott Justin, Stockbrokers. The
telephone rang four or five times before being
answered, "Justin and Justin Limited. Our office
ours virgin preteen models
are 9AM to 5PM Monday thru preteen forbidden stories Friday. Please
leave a message at the tone with your name and
account number if you are one of our clients or a
number where you can be reached if you wish to
speak with a broker. Your broker or an agent will
return your call preteen dream gallerys as quickly as possible. Thank you
for calling Justin and Justin."Checking the clock again, it was only about 10
minutes before 9AM and I knew either Erik or Scott
would be monitoring the phone. "Erik, Scott, Lee
Michaels here" and then there was a quick click on
the line."Lee, Erik. Where in hell are you dammit? I was
beginning to think I'd never see you again, do you
know it has been over 4 years?""Get a little horny old buddy? What about me with
all those frigging camels?""If I know you, those camels have pretty preteen girl top100 sore
assholes from that big cock of yours.""Jealousy will get you everything. I'm at my
brother's home and I need to see you. What about
this afternoon for lunch?""What's on preteen shoock the menu Lee?""Depends on how much money you have made for me. No
kidding Erik I need to free preteen toon
get with hairy preteen pictures
you on that last
transaction you did last week.""You put me in a real bind with that one Lee. I had
to spread that one out and retain some of it in our
private and company accounts. What in hell are you
going to do with that much money? Invest again I
hope.""Always looking for that commission aren't you? How
about lunch?""I'll have it served in our private dining room
here in the office Lee. Scott is in Indianapolis
until Wednesday on business. How about 2PM, sound
okay to you?""I'll be there. In the meantime, pull up all your
data on CalTron Electronics in Philadelphia for the
last 30 days and update my stocks in MegaData.""Will do buddy, its gonna be good seeing you again.
We haven't been alone for a long time.""You are horny aren't you? See you later.""I'll bring the condoms and you provide the KY
lube." Erik laughed as he hung up.I couldn't help but smile thinking of Erik and
Scott. They were two of the most gorgeous twins you
would ever want too meet. Of Nordic descent, tall
6', platinum blond and azure blue eyes. Lean
muscular bodies with skin that glowed and the sun
would tan a radiant golden shade. They always kept
their weight at a constant 185lbs when last I had
seen them and very likely still did. Both were
extremely handsome and gregarious almost to a
fault. Nothing they said ever was uttered without
laughter when in a social setting. In business they
were cautious and while conservative had the knack
when to take a plunge or leave an investment alone.
Erik was completely gay and Scott tiny titties preteen was bi-sexual.
Scott married and had two children. He and Erik had
been to bed together and as far as I knew still did
on occasion. Scott's bi-sexuality did not lend
itself to cruising looking for a trick but he and I
had been together once when we both were 19 years
old and in college. Erick was the more outgoing of
the two and he was the first that introduced me to
anal sex when he seduced me at a fraternity college
party. Seeing him again after 4 years would be
exciting.When I called Cliff at his office he was tied up
but nude preteen 15yo his secretary set me an appointment for gay preteens dicks
and I told her I would be there. I wanted to get
rid of the rental car and get my own transportation
but I had to check with Cincinnati National Bank
after I straightened things out with Erik. Mark or
John would have to help me with that when I took
the rental back. I'd need to talk with them about
helping me with it later in the evening.I was just a little hungry and decided I would stop
at the Hardee's up on the hill and then I could
drive on down Montgomery Rd, pickup Columbia Pkwy
and be at Cliff's office in no time. Gathering my
attaché case and palm organizer with calculator,
checking the house to be sure it was locked and I
had my key, the drive was short and I joined the
senior citizens club that met at the fast food
restaurant every morning. I always got a kick out
of eaves dropping on their conservations but you
couldn't really call it eaves dropping since they
talked loud enough for anyone to hear them. One of
the consequences of age and need for a hearing aid.
The disagreements were friendly and in some ways
they were good to have around making it seem like
the restaurant was always pretty busy so the
management tolerated them. I finished my sausage
and egg biscuit, drank the bad coffee and left
right at the height of a discussion on Medicare and
prescription drugs that could go on for hours.Cliff's office was on the 1lth floor of the Carew
Towers in the heart of the city. Fortunately the
parking garage was within a short walk of the
building. The lobby was decorated in a baroque
style that was not longer used but it had a beauty
of its own and must have porn preteens lo
been expensive when the
Tower was built during the Great Depression. The
solid walnut door that led into his office was very
tastefully lettered in gold leaf, Cliff Adams and
Associates Attorneys at Law. His secretary
recognized me the instant I walked in, "Mr.
Michaels it is so good seeing you again. Mr. Adams
is running just a bit behind but if you would like
you can wait in the conference room. May I bring
you something?""If you would by any chance have some seltzer water
and an aspirin, I would appreciate it Dorothy. It's
good seeing you again, how is Mr. Hempsen?""Oh you know Clark, he is still with the city and
probably will be until he retires. Mr. Adams has
asked him about joining the firm but Clark insists
it would be a conflict for a husband and wife to
work in the same firm. Do you have a headache?""Getting one Dot.""I think we can do a little better the aspirin
then. I have some Advil in my purse. preteen forbidden illegal I'll let Mr.
Adams know you are here and then I'll get it for
you."Dorothy had been with Cliff almost as long as he
had been practicing law and knew as much about his
clients as he did. He has told me of the many desnuditas preteens
she saved his butt by digging up past rulings when
he was stuck in a pretty difficult case. I was sure
she knew I was gay but if she did there was never
indication of it. I guess she could be called the
consummate legal secretary. I went into the
conference room and just as I was sitting down in
walks Cliff with a glass of seltzer water and an
Advil."Hi Lee, Dorothy said you needed this. Something
bothering you that a headache is coming on?" He
said sitting in the fucking preteen child chair next to mine after
handing it to me."Morning Cliff, not a bad headache but don't want
it any worse. I'm glad you had a slot open this
morning, I wasn't sure I'd see you today.""I don't have a lot of time, due in court at 12:30
and then cartoon preteen porn a property closing at 3:30. Might get out
of here but 5o'clock if we are lucky. What can I do
for you? I remember you had something you wanted to
talk about when we were up at Bill's but we didn't""Cliff, I would like for you to write my Last Will
and Testament. It's not going to be difficult since
I only have two heirs.""Hold it a second Lee, let's get Dorothy I here and
she can take down the information." Cliff said as
he pushed a button mounted in the center of the
table. Almost instantly Dorothy walked through the
door from the reception area."Take this down Dot, please. Lee wants us to draw
up his will.""Yes sir." Dorothy said opening her pad, crossing
her legs with her pencil poised.""My entire estate is to go to my nephew Mark
Michaels but I want it held in trust until he
reaches age 30 if I should die before then. preteen dick sucking
If I
should die before he has satisfactorily completed
an accredited college his educational expenses are
to be paid and he is to receive an income to be
determined by what the circumstances at that time
dictate or it will be determined by the trustee. In
addition, I want an annuity established for my
niece Loretta Michaels in the amount of
$500,000.00. That money is for her until she
marries. Once she marries any funds left are to be
given to the Catholic Charities of Cincinnati. Can
all of that be done Cliff?""Who do you want as the trustee Lee? I suggest
someone outside of your immediate family.""Cincinnati National Bank. My accounts are with
them. I think if you check with the trust
department it should not be a problem.""One other thing Lee, are you photo insest preteen sure you want your
entire estate to go to your nephew?""I know what you are getting at Cliff and I've
tried thinking about this. Hypothetically speaking,
if I should die while Mark is still in school I
want him taken care of and then by age 30 he should
be able to take care of himself with the income
from the estate. There is one thing that bothers me
in all of this and here is where you come in. Can
it be established that he is to receive an income
only without getting control of the entire estate.
At his death any residual part of the estate would
go to the Catholic Charities of Cincinnati.""I think I know what you are getting at Lee and to
answer your question, yes it can be done that way.
With the information you have given Dot we will
draw up the documents. I must say you're being
damned generous with your niece and nephew. You
have another brother besides John don't you? His
name is Doug but he doesn't life locally.""Yeah, he lives in Denver. We never have been preview model preteens
but I don't preteen model clothed look for any problems from him if any
of this should happen. I just want to be sure Mark
and Loretta are cared for. Loretta is already in
college in Ashland, Ky. and preteen little panther
Mark starts next year.
I travel a lot and just want things taken care of
in case anything does happen. I think you know why
I would rather Mark not have complete control of
the estate even after he reaches 30. There will be
more then enough for him to live comfortably on and
Loretta as well.""It will all sample preteen porn be done as you want Lee, when do you
want it done?""When are you going to Louisville, do you know?""Next Friday or Saturday, depends if Dot lets me
get out of here. I have the adoption hearing set
for next Monday and William should be officially
Calvin's adopted father by the end of the free top preteen day.""That's great, I know Uncle Bill is happy about
that. Mark and I are going down Friday afternoon
but we will preteen porn ungol
be sun preteens bbs coming back on Sunday. Probably stay
at the Holiday Inn off I75. Do you think you could
have this all done by Friday and bring it with
you?""I think if you take Dot too lunch one day before
then it would be sure and get done."I glanced at Dorothy and she was beet red and
spluttering, "Mr. Adams you know better than that?""Dorothy I would be delighted to have angel preteens pics lunch with
you any day. When can I call on you?""Now see what you have done Mr. Adams, how will I
ever tell my husband I've been invited out for
lunch by one of the most handsome men in
Cincinnati, he would have a fit.""Your probably right about that Dot, how about a
box of chocolates instead. One box of bonbons Lee
that should cover it and keep Dot out of trouble.""I'll preteen foro have them sent over tomorrow. Thanks a lot
Cliff, I appreciate it. I've got another
appointment later and I know you are busy so I
won't hold you up anymore. Thanks Dorothy and look
for the bonbons."Cliff escorted me too the door and shook hands.
"I'll have it all russia preteen models when I see you in Louisville Lee,
give John my regards when you see him.""Thanks Cliff, I will. See you in Louisville." I
said as we shook hands.The elevator was crowded with office workers going
out for lunch and I looked at my watch seeing it as
almost 12:30PM, xxx kds preteen I still had some time before lunch
with Erik. If I had known it would be such a short
time with Cliff I would have tried for an earlier
time with sex preteen models Erik. There was a bank of telephones I
the lobby of the Tower and I called Erik's office
hoping he would be able to see me at an earlier
time. When I contacted him and told him I was at
loose ends until our meeting he told me to get my
butt on up to preteen boys thailand
his office. I could go over the
information they were downloading on Caltron and
MegaDate before lunch and then after lunch we could
catch up on old times.I walked the three blocks from the Carew Towers to
the Cincinnati National Bank building. As I was
walking a dark green auto carrier turned the corner
and on the door I was the name Global Automobile
Transport and I felt a tingling in my scrotum
remembering the hunky truck driver that had
delivered my Mustang. I didn't get a look at the
driver but I wondered if model sites preteen it was him as I watched
the empty truck heading in the direction of the
suspension bridge over the Ohio River connecting
Covington, Ky. and Cincinnati, Ohio.I preteen little cunt still had plenty of time before meeting with Mark
after school. * * * * * * * *
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