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From: David S
Subject: Me & My Roommate and his friendsMe & My model nude richmond
Roommate and his friendsA story by David S
This story contains sex between consenting little horny models adult males of consenting age if
you are under the age of 18 or your country or state does not allow this
sort of literature to be read please leave now if model movie tgp you are offended by sex
between men again please leave now if not enjoy the story and if you like
send me an e mail and let me know what you think of itAnd remember these characters are purely fictionalIf you have any comments or suggestions don't hesitate to e-mail me at
Me & My Roommate and his friendsWell let me introduce myself my name is Tony and ella sandra model I am 18 yrs old and evie model gallery come
from Ohio and I am attending college on a Swimming scholarship and I am
going to be living on campus for the first time. I come from a well loved
family there is my mom who I care for very much and well my dad has been
dead now since I was 9 yrs old I also have a older sister Carrie who is 22
and just married. Well a little more about diaper models teen me I am almost 6 ft and very
very fit I have a very sleek body smooth to the touch and I don't get
embarrassed as well god give me a nice piece of equipment if I do say so
myself.I came down to the college on Sunday so that I could get settled in and
well meet who I was going to be sharing with over the next 3 to 4 years and
well I would like new models tgp
to pulse rifle model get on with whom ever the college has put me with as
you know 3 years is a long time to spend with a total asshole. All I know
is his name is Mitch and he is from Texas kinder model and little models xxxporn
is about the same age, as
myself don't know anything else thoughI arrived at around 11am and he had already arrived I unlocked the door and
walked in I could hear water running and someone singing in what sounded
like a shower I thought to myself thank god no co-ed shower rooms and then
thought when did he get here and I supermodels nude
just shouted "Hello" and he stopped
singing and I heard someone shouting back out at me "who is that" he
shouted " I said "its me Tony Hill your roommate" He shouted "ok I will be
out in a minute" then this guy walked out of the bathroom totally naked
"hope you don't mind" he said " no its fine by me" I said he then
introduced himself as Mitchell Stokes " nude models 21 but my friends call me Mitch" I
responded by calling him Mitch. He then got dressed and said he would show
me more of fucking model sucking
the college. I will describe Mitch a bit more He stood around
6'1 and data warehouse model was very well defined a bit of a jock by all accounts young desire models he had fair
hair flopping over his face amanda hall model he had a very young looking face boyish you
could say his dick was about 6" slack must get very big when turned on.He showed me around the campus for about 2hrs and he said he always went
for a nap about now so I asked him to tiffany sherri model point me in the direction of the pool
and he could go so he did. I looked over the pool and was very impressed
with what I saw. I the introduced myself to the swimming coach 2007 playboy models and swedish women models
talked for almost an hour he said he had to go as daisy child model he michigan teen models was having lunch with
his family and he left. I walked back to my room and went in Mitch was
sound a sleep girls nudist models but one thing I noticed about Mitch he was a very quiet
sleeper great I thought no snoring so I could get some undisturbed sleepThe night came and it was time to go to bed as it was Sunday there was not
a lot going on as places closed early on Sundays and Mitch also decided to
go to bed early "night" Mitch said as models porno he was already in bed " Night Mitch"
I replied. I got undressed down to my boxers and got into bed I was a nit
uncomfortable as I always sleep naked but I am in a strange bed with a
perfect stranger and preten models grils
well you don't do that do you so I have to put up with
it well for now anyways. I woke webrin model teen up around 3am tossing and turning 16yo topless model
I tried
to go back to sleep so I turned over and got a shock there was Mitch
totally naked fast a sleep he had kicked off his covers as it undewear preeten model
was very warm
and well I probably done the same he is next to the heating vent and it is
not blowing cold airI lay there as my eyes adjusted to the light I could see his body totally
defined then I seen his very stiff cock laying across his stomach I could
not keep my eyes off it he was huge I am well equipt well I thought I was
until I saw his he must have been almost 11" long if not more he was a
freak but still I could not keep my eyes off him He moaned and turned over
his cock fell from his stomach onto the bed I just stared at him and lolta model
just kept on sleeping. I have never had a bdsm models wanted sexual thought about another guy
but I could not get this guy out of my head god I wish the light lesbian bikini models was on so
I could get another look at his cock. Then I got my wish as he let out a
yawn and stretched his arms as he stood up I just pretended to be a sleep
he was going to the toilet and the length of his cock was god it must have
been the 11" I first thought and I was in absolute ore of him my own 8"cock
was now fully erect and getting painfulI had to get off and I did not know how. Mitch seemed to be a bit of an all
right kind of guy open about most things he walked out in front of me when
I first came in and he was fully naked no panties little model embarrassment then. So I
pretended to wake up just as he walked back into the room "ok Mitch" I said
quietly" "Yeh Bud african model sexy
just a bit of a piss break" he said back at me " don't
mind if I jackoff do you Tony ?" ive teen models iligal
got a hell of a boner and if I fowm teen model don't
get rid I will never go african preeteen models
back to sleep" he asked " Go for it do you mind if
I get rid of mine as well same problem" I replied " Hey don't ask me if you
want to jackoff in future just go for it nothing shocks me" he said so I
watched as east indian models he stroked his long length of meat and I pulled on mine god did
I want to touch it I wanted to stroke the models preenteen index whole cherish modell
length for him but I was
shy and besides I am not gay at least I don't think soI then blew my load all over my chest and I just wiped it up with a Kleenex
he was still going and I could hear him moaning he then started to wank a
bit preeteen models child harder and he then started little model toples
breathing a bit faster then bang he came all
over his chest and I am sure he shot one load straight into his grandma bikini model
mouth and
for what I could see he liked the taste of it I have never tasted my own
spunk before peteen model gallery
but he liked the taste of his.I woke up about 9 I did not have lectures until Tuesday and I don't start
swim training until 2pm so I got up looked around the room and noticed the
Kleenex that Mitch had used to clean himself up with I picked it up and had
a smell it smelled strange to me well I don't have a comparison so it was
just a spunk stained snot rag that had dried up. 2pm came and swimming was
ok but I just could not keep my mind off of Mitch I walked back towards my
room when I saw Mitch coming out of one of the lecture halls he was talking
to 2 other guys he spotted me and asked me to come over he asked me if I
wanted to got to a first day on campus party it was a bit of foam model planes a get to know
you party I asked who would be there he responded by saying it's a guys
only party no chicks allowed on first night and he laughedWe both got dressed for this party jutka teen model
and he said to bring my trunks as there
was a pool there I said ok ls models jailbait we arrived there sample model girl at around 8pm we walked in 1970 nude models and
there was only 4 other guys there all wearing trunks so we rusian girl model both stripped
off and joined them next to the pool. They nubile young models started talking about girls and
how many they had fucked then someone asked a question and it had chicago playboy model to be
answered truthfully adult ass models then Mitch said ok I will answer truthfully and so did
the rest of the guys and the question was " Has any guy here ever thought
or ever had sex with another guy" bikini models bmw
fuck what a question we had been here for
about 2hrs had a lot to drink and this gets asked I am a bit drunk and
don't know what I will say first haley teen model to answer was a lad called Larry he
responded by saying he thought about sucking another guys cock when he was
15 but never did we all just said that's sherri model com
ok Larry no one is going to
condemn you for it. It is the year 2000 after all he just smiled and said
ok thanks who's next and Bill started to speak and he admitted to having
given journey anderson model
a guy a blow model top list job back home and we asked what was it like and he teen models diaper said
he isn't gay it was just one of life's experiences and that he has never
regretted it.The other guys told there stories and all of them had had sex or at least
thought about it then it was russian kinder models my turn to speak I was a bit light headed when
I started to desi models nude speak by this time all of the guys had hardon's and I told
them my tale "I have only had one sexual thought about another guy and artistic thin models
I am
sorry to say euro young models but it was you Mitch" he looked up at me and smiled " when was
this Tone" he asked and I told him of what I saw last night and how in ore
of him I was and at that moment I would have done anything for him but that
you just finished atkingdom teen models jacking off and went back to sleep. He stood up and
looked at the other guys and said do you mind guys single teen model and they just smiled and
said go for it. I just looked and thought what was he talking about do you
mind guys then he amateur model pretty stood in front of me and asked for my hand so I gave him
my hand he then placed it on the front of his trunks. I stroked him and
then said pull down my trunks so I did and there it was this huge form of a
cock even the other guys chins dropped " Stroke it" he asked so I did he
then asked if I wanted to lick it and I did but I have never done this
before. I just closed my eyes and stuck out my tongue and started to lick
the length of his cock he tasted great I licked him all over I sucked on
his balls and they tasted the same great. He then asked me to blow him I
just model actresses opened my mouth and took him in I took about 5"of him and then I
started to gag he told me agnes english supermodel to relax my throat and swallow him and relax and
swallow I did as I amateur fotomodell was told and before long my nose was nestling into his
pubic hairsHe then started to slow fuck my throat and it felt brilliant " Like that
Tone" childmodel nonude he asked I nodded " like the feel of my hard cock down your throat"
he smirked and again I nodded "would you like this cock up your ass" I
shook my head as I haven't even thought about being fucked mind I had never
thought about sucking another guys cock until Sunday. Then I felt someone
taking down my trunks and starting to play with my ass I then felt another
pair of hands stroking my now fully erect cock but I was in total
concentration of this cock driving my throat like a sports car driver
driving his perfect porche male models and he was an expert driver and trilby model
the guy who was
now sucking my ass out knew what he was doing also then I felt a tongue
going bluewater park model over the length of my cock and it was an excellent feeling I was in
total ecstasy of the teen model lotta
momentI then felt a finger going into my ass and Mitch pulled out of my mouth and
my throat felt so empty he just sat down and the other guy came over and
took his teen modeling agengy
place I was in such ecstasy I just took him into teen models posing my mouth the next
thing I knew was the guy who had 3 fingers up my ass had pulled out and
replaced it with his 7"cock and was pounding my ass and I screamed out loud
"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH" crayola model magic I begged him "NOT TO STOP" I was going to csm supermodels
cum in this
guys mouth and he knew it and just swallowed me even more "ooooohhhhh
yyyeeessss" I screamed as I shot my load down this hot guys mouth and the
other guy jus pounded away while Mitch just sat watching and stroking his
cock the guy who had swallowed my load went over and started sucking
Mitch's cock the gut whom I was sucking started to breath harder and
remembering the actions of Mitch yesterday I evie model photos
knew he was about to come so I
pulled off and then I don't know what came over me I put his cock back into
my mouth and started sucking him again the guy behind me began fucking me
erratically so I knew he jojo teen model was almost there and the guy forced the length of
his cock to the back of my throat and "ooooohhhhhhhhhh bbbbbaaaabbbbyyyyyy
yyyehhh" he shouted ttttaakkkeeee iiittt" he commanded and I did the guy
behind me shouted out as well "ooommmmyyyy ggggoooooddddddd hhheeerrreee
iiittttcccooommmeeesssss"He screamed as well I did not care I was being serviced very well by 2 guys
at the same time and still I looked over yong prteen models
at Mitch getting his cock sucked
and I wanted his cock up my ass the 2 guys had fell to the floor totally
exhausted I stood up and walked over to Mitch and got down on my knees and
started to suck him off the guy who had been sucking him walked to the
others and sat next to them sandra model imageshack I spoke to Mitch and I told him " I want this
in my ass and I want it now" I stood up he lifted his cock up I straddled
him and sat down on his cock it hurt like fucking hell it eased a bit after
couple of minutes I then started going up and down he helped me by lifting
me up and then downWe moved onto the floor were I lay on my side and he then re-entered me and
started really fucking the hell out of my ass I had the whole length of
this hunks big cock being rammed in and out of my recently broken in ass
and it was awesome it was the greatest feeling a guy could ever give
another guy"Like it Baby" Mitch asked"fuck yeh" I replied"You want more" he asked" Oh yeh"He the lifted me up and told me to lay down so I did he then lifted my legs
up so I was almost bent double my legs were over my head he stood up and
got in between my legs my ass was direct under his cock when he was
standing and he then just stabbed his cock straight into my ass getting in
further than he had before and I just yelled out sandras teen model
in total ecstasy the guy
who was sucking my cock earlier came over and fed me his cock while I was
being well and truly fucked by an expert nn youngest model he did not take long and came in
my mouth he tasted the same as the first guy who childmodels land came in my top models ninfets
mouth it was
nice I wish I had done this earlier I loita model thumbs had been jacking off sandra models imageboard since I was 12
and just wasted this fantastic boy juice. Mitch was starting to moan
heavily and I told him I wanted his juice down my throat as I had learned
to love it so much I kute young model
just wanted more of nonnude young models
it he pulled out of my ass and
came around in front of me and shoved his huge cock into my mouth and
started fucking my throat as he had done earlier and it still model teenz boy
fantastic crissy model it was not long before those tell tale signs of another guy
getting to shoot his load and then it happened"Oooohhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyeeeeehhhhhh" he screamed whoosh it went all over the
back of my mouth then the next load covered my face and the next back in my
mouth I closed my mouth exotic models around his cock so not to lose anymore of his
savoury tasting boy remingtom model 37 juice he kept fucking my mouth until the last movies nudemalemodel
drop had
been milked his cock fell out of my hungry mouth and I licked his cock ls model pedo
balls totally clean. He leaned down and kissed my cheek and said "that was
fantastic and we would have augusta ga models to do this again" and I just nodded "perhaps we
could all get together and do this as often as possible" Mitch pics tiny models had
suggested" we all agreed so I think we have just started a new club never
mind Brad Pitt and the fight club how bikini model nora about me and the new Fuck ClubTHE ENDAll comments and constructive ideas or just a pat on the back for getting
you fine ass models off are appreciated at davesgayhotmail.com also check out my other
stories like Study Buddy lsm models girls and a series I have going in bi sexual incest
called The greatest weekend of my life. So Please enjoy them as much as I
did writing them.Love petite women models Dave
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