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From: Pete Jones
Subject: Mikey Summer, chapter 3Mikey's AssThe days since the last time I saw Mikey seemed to hot porn teen com
go very slowly.
Actually, I had technically seen him around the neighborhood, but not
like that night. I was dying to get more of a taste of this kid. His was
the first cum I had ever tasted, but was definitely the sweetest I had
ever had since.Since it was summertime, and I was usually left home alone, I spent most
of my days jerking off, remembering that sweaty night in his basement,
and in anticipation of what was going to happen once his brother went off
to camp, and we would have the place to ourselves. I was very horny teen porn pics nervous
about it though... Mike had eluded to thinking that tiny teen nude I had all kinds of
experience, when the truth was that I was just about as back door teen porn
inexperienced as
he. nude teen art photos I didn't let him know that of course- he thought of me as the teen upskirt porn
wiser, bigger kid, and I didn't want to ruin this illusion.Friday afternoon, the phone rang. I had just finished jerking off in the
living room, and still had jizz all over my hand, but ran into the
kitchen, grabbing some paper towels off the wall on the way. As I wiped
my cum off my hands, I answered the phone."Hello?""Is this Bryan?", a practically whispering voice came through the line."Yeah, who is this?""It's Mike... Mike Nunzio," he answered. Like he had cinderella teen porn to give me his last
name to figure it out!I put on my cool-voice. brunette teen hardcore porn "Hey, man, what's up?""You wanna come over tonight?" He was speaking quickly, like he didn't
have much time to talk before some came in the room."Yes, sure!" Uh-oh, I thought... too anxious. "Okay, that would be cool I
guess.""Knock on my window at 10 but only if you see the living room light
isn't on, okay?""Okay, cool. I'll see ya at 10.""Cool, bye," and he quickly hung up.10 tonight, I thought! My mind raced in anticipation of what would
happen! free porn teens
My cock was instantly hard again. I went back to the couch and
the bottle of Jergen's hand lotion and quickly squeezed out another load
of boy-juice. Then I cleaned up, went upstairs, and took a nap.Later that day my parents got home and we all sat teen nude free down for dinner at
about 7. I couldn't believe how the hours were dragging! As I sat at the
dinner table, my cock could barely contain itself in the denim of the
shorts I was wearing. I prayed the whole time that neither one of them
would ask me to get up to get something from the kitchen! Thankfully,
they didn't.After dinner and dessert, we sat in the den watching TV, like we normally
did. At 10 o'clock, some science-fiction show came on that my Dad liked
to watch, so I knew it was time for my next Mikey adventure. I informed
my folks that I was going for a walk, which was a normal routine for me
at night. When my Mom protested that it was too late to go out, I was
quick to employ my annoying-teenage complaint whine, and let her know
that I wouldn't be leaving the complex. She hesitantly agreed, but said
not to be gone too dominican teen porn
long.I walked down the stairs to our basement, and casually peeled off my
shirt, throwing it on the floor on my way out the door. Mikey seemed to
really like that I had shown up the previous night shirtless, and I
certainly web teen porn galleries
did not want to disappoint him.As I 3d cartoon teen porn approached Mikey's house, I was pleased to notice that the lights
were off in his living room, indicating that his parents had gone to bed.
I also noticed that the air conditioner in their room was amature blowjob teen porn steadily
whirring, confirming my observation. I lightly tapped on Mikey's window.
He pulled open the blinds slightly to be sure it teen porn celebrities
was me, then when he
realized it was, pulled them back far enough for me to notice that he was
completely naked, with teen angels porn site a raging 4-inch boner. My jaw dropped. This kid
was ready for some action!He pointed toward the front door, indicating that he would meet me there.
My cock sprang to life. freeblack teen porn I went over to the door, and Mikey slowly opened
it. The light from the street fell on free teen porn video his body. I had of course by now
seen just about every part of him there was to be seen, but this
moment's view of him was beautiful- almost ethereal. He was standing
tall, his muscles taut, teen brutel rape porn
his olive-tinged flesh freebig tits teen porn flawless and smooth, as
the moonlight lovingly caressed his image. And his hard little cock was
winking at me!I pulled open the screen door, and entered. Mike backed up to let me in,
and then reached around behind me to close the door. Wordlessly, he took
me by the hand, and gave me a shy smile, kind of biting his lower lip as
he grinned. He led me into his room, and once again closed the door
behind me."You ready?" he asked. No joking around this time- he wanted to get right
to business!"Ready for what?"He grinned at me again. He reached down and unbuttoned my shorts. I stood
still and let him take the lead- I think he kind of liked being the
aggressor in the situation, like it made this good little boy free teen plumper porn feel like
he was being bad.He unzipped my shorts and began nude filipina teens pull them down. They were teen titans terra porn kind of tight
so it wasn't an easy task. I wasn't wearing any underwear. He leaned
down to pull my shorts down to my ankles, and my stiff teen porn for girls cock popped free
and slapped young teen twins porn
him young teen softcore porn in the face. He jumped a bit, then laughed at what just
happened. I loved the angelic illegally nude teens boyish sound of his laughter. I lifted each
leg up so that he could the hottest teen porn
pull my shorts completely off. Then he stood up
in front of me. He took a few moments to look over my body. I could tell
how much he envied my bag cock (well, compared to his it was teen kitty porn
big), and
thick bush of pubis hair. He reached forward and lightly ran his
fingertips through my pubes. I reached out one hand and gently caressed
the smooth warm skin of his shoulder and arm. He moved closer. With my
other hand, I began running my fingers through his hair. He looked teen porn jpg up at
me and smiled. I moved in and kissed him lightly on the lips. His look
changed. black teen male porn
It was as if one kiss had instantly transformed free teen pussy movies him from cherub
to little devil. He gave me a nasty, dirty teen pussy tgp look that turned me on so
much. I leaned in and kissed him again, harder, longer, forcing my tongue
past teen titans girls porn his luscious lips and into his mouth. He was breathing heavily
through his nose. I wanted to taste his cock again.I began to kiss down his neck, and down his chest. He liked it when I
pinched his nipples hard as I was licking his body. He knew what was
coming and was moaning in anticipation. When I finally reached his cock,
I decided not to tease him as I had done that last time we were together,
and took the whole thing asian sleeping teen porn into my mouth. He was so hard I would feel every
crevice, every vein his little dick had to offer. Soon gay porn teen anal
he was holding the
back of my head and humping my face. I loved the way his little balls
were bouncing against my chin. gay teen porn hardcore Every once in a while, I looked up at him,
and when I did he would give me that same nasty look. I was getting so
fucking turned on, I didn't know what to do. My own cock was throbbing,
almost painfully hard. I reached down and started lightly jerking free teen blond porn
off. I
wanted to have him suck me, but I didn't want to take his cock out of my
mouth just yet.I could tell australian teen livia porn
that Mikey was turned on by the little bit of rough and
rawness of what we were doing, so I decided to go with it. Very suddenly,
I stopped sucking him, and stood up. I picked him up around the waist and
threw him on the bed. He was kind of shocked, but smiling teen first time anal
wickedly. I
stood over him, and lightly jerked off my dick while he gay teenbest teen sex porn watched. I began
to run my other hand up and down my chest and stomach, and threw my free teen porn vidio head
back in ecstacy. Mikey was busily jerking his cock which was soaked with
my greatest teen porn spit. I decided to take command of this kid.`Turn teen titans porn animations around teen black porn so nine teen porn your head is on this end of the bed." I said in a stern
voice."Huh?", Mike answered."Just do teen hanjob reality porn it!"Mike sheepishly site porn365com porn teen
got on his hands and knees on the bed, and turned his
body around so that he was now upside down on the bed, with his head
right in front teen porn mastrbating of me. I grabbed him by his armpits and pulled him down so
that his head was now hanging off the end of the bed. I porn german gay teen walked closer,
and ran my cock across his face. He stuck out free russan teen porn
his tongue to lick it
lightly every time it passed his mouth. I slapped lesbain asian teen porn
him all over his face
with it, making hard "thwack" noises. He closed his eyes and moaned
loudly. I could tell that although he acted like he was teen titans porn anime in charge at
first, he liked being told what to do.I finally popped the tip of my cock into his hungry mouth. He seemed
relieved that he was finally able to suck best teen porn pictures it. His own cock, which he had
stopped stroking by now, was throbbing. I reached down and took hold of
it tightly in my hand. I didn't want to jerk it, I just wanted Mikey to
feel my hot hand around it. I began to force feed him more and more of my
dick. I expected him to gag at any point, but he never did. He reached up
with both hands and put them on my hips, squeezing tightly with each
thrust down his throat.I wanted him back in my mouth, teen asian hardcore porn
now. I pulled my cock from his mouth, and
he hot asian teen porn didn't move. He was waiting for my next command. I walked around teen tit flashers
the side of the bed, and watched as Mikey's eyes were completely fixed
on my dick. I pulled him by his ankles to that his head was exploided teen porn back on the
bed, and I laid down next to him, head-to-toe.Having heard of the concept of 69, I was still unclear as to it's
logistics. I tried new teen parents porn to position myself so that my dick was old cock teen porn right in front
of his mouth, and found that once that was accomplished, the rest was
easy. Both of us lying on our sides, I pushed my cock right up to his
mouth as I began to suck his. He quickly got the idea, and began to suck
me as well. teen tokyo porn I realized that the harder and faster I sucked him, the
harder and faster he sucked me.The two of us were enjoying the hell out of our 69, moaning our little
adolescent moans and groans. I put my arms around Mikey's waist, and
pulled him on top of me, without either of us stopping the action. With
Mikey now on top of illgal teen porn
me, my hands were now free to explore. I ran my hands
up his thighs to his ass cheeks. They were unbelievably firm and round. I
lightly ran my fingertips up and down the crack of his ass. I could feel
goose world teen porn
bumps forming on his thighs. As I lightly teased his little hole
with my forefinger, I began to realize that this was the point of no
return. Once I got my finger teen porn couple
in there, I was going to fuck this kid- no
matter what.I pushed my forefinger into his tight little hole, and he let out a
little yelp. It was high-pitched, like a puppy. But he didn't take my
cock out of his mouth. I got my finger in to the first knuckle. I
couldn't get over how hot it felt inside! Mikey sucked my dick with more
vigor. I pushed my finger in a little more. Mikey began to pull away. teen porn sex girl My
finger was feeling a little resistance getting in his tight hole. I
needed to lubricate it to get it in petite nude teens more easily. I had heard of "rimming"
and wondered why someone would actually WANT to do it, but now it was
clear why it celebrity teen porn was necessary. Looking at his tight little hole, the little
pucker of his anus staring at me, teen sex slave nothing seemed more natural than to
bury my mouth right in there and lick... suck... chew... moisturize.I pulled myself out teen porn toys from underneath the kid. When he began to move, nude teen clips
grabbed hold of his hips to let him know he wasn't going anywhere. He
had no idea what I was about to do, and I was sure he would enjoy the
surprise of this new discovery.He remained on the bed on all fours. "Reach back lesbian teen chat
and pull your ass
apart." I said in a low voice."What are you going to do?""Nevermind, just do it."Mikey quickly followed orders. He was in my complete control and I loved
it. He was now awkwardly positioned with his face and chest one the bed,
his ass up in the air, and his arms stretched holding his cheeks apart,
not knowing what free teen porn lists was coming next. I sat on the bed behind teen nude boys
him, and looked
closely at what he was displaying. I almost seemed to be throbbing in
tandem with his lesbin teen porn pics breathing. I leaned in and put my hands on his cheeks, my
thumbs lightly stroking the bud of his hole. I brought hot teen sex movies my fat teen porn free
face closer. I
expected to be repulsed by the smell, but instead I was turned on by it.
Not dirty at all, just musky and smelling of an active young boy. I stuck
out my tongue, and quickly brushed it against his hole. He jumped a
little. I licked it again, harder this time. Mikey began to wiggle,
perhaps the anticipation was too much for him. So, I got right in there
and began to lick it vigorously up and down. He moaned and whimpered.
With one hand I reached in between his legs and began to milk his stiff
little cock.I moved my other hand up to his hole, and stuck my forefinger back in. By
now Mikey had relaxed his muscles and my finger went in more easily. I
got it all the way in, and Mikey began bucking back against it. The slow
but steady fucking motion that started 13+teen+porn here was nude teen pageants very pleasing to the kid.
I knew I had to fit another finger in there before it would be wide
enough to take my cock. I drooled some spit down on him and began teasing
his hole with two fingers now, still jerking his hot little hairless
cock. He reached behind himself with both hands and pulled his ass cheeks
apart. I could hear him breathing steadily into his pillow. I got my
middle finger into his butt without a problem. I could tell that this kid
definitely had never been fucked, but had surely thought about it before.
He was massaging his own little butt cheeks while I fingered him. I
couldn't take any more of this... fat gay teen porn
my cock was so hard is was starting to
ache. I had to put it in him.I stood up on my knees behind him, and he was completely aware of teen porn pcs free what
was going to happen next. He repositioned himself slightly so that his
ass was a hot teen rape porn
little higher in the air, but he was still pulling his little
cheeks apart. As I laid my cock tip against his hole, I still wasn't
completely convinced he would be able to take it. This kid seemed so
small to me. But I knew that I had to try, and teen porn picsnet
that he wanted me to try
as well. I pushed down in it with my fingers, and began to slide the head
in. Mikey resisted a little at first, not sure what to expect. But I
persisted. I managed to get the head in, and it felt a little like
that's all that would go in. I leaned down against his body and
whispered to him, "How does that feel?""Weird," he said through baited breath. "But good.""I'm gonna push it in more," I said. I wanted to keep him completely
aware of what I was doing to him."Okay, go slow."I put my body right against his so that my erect nipples were not pressed
against his sweaty back. I pushed mt hips forward, and Mikey let out a
gasp. I could tell it xxx teen porn cams was hurting him a little, but he wasn't pulling
away. He wanted it as bad as I wanted to give it to him, I thought. I
pushed a little farther, and he let out a slow, low groan. He was getting
into it now. I put my arms under his stomach and around him completely. I
felt like our two young teen virgin sex bodies were becoming one. There was no stopping
me now. I pushed slowly, more and free teen porn stars more of it into his tight little hole,
relishing teen porn pictures the ypupng teen porn incredible heat emanating from his ass. I couldn't believe
how soft and rigid his asshole felt all at once. Once, I was all the way
in, we simultaneously sank down, so that he was completely flat on his
stomach. I just wanted to hold it there for a minute, so that the kid
could get used to the feeling. And so that I wouldn't cum too fast.
Mikey had different ideas, though. Soon he began slowly bucking his ass
back against my dick, sucking it in with each stroke. Instinctively my
hips started moving in rhythm with the pace Mikey had set. The sensation
was incredible. I remember once thinking that when I discovered how to
jerk off that there would highschool teen porn sites be no better feeling. Tonight, I discovered I
was wrong.Mikey and I were now a moaning pile of sweaty boy flesh- I couldn't tell
where his body stopped and mine began. He lifted one knee up to his
chest, allowing access to his own cock. He began to stroke it, when I
reached down and took over that take nude asian teens young
for him. With this simple action,
Mikey's sex drive was instantly doubled. He reached behind himself and
began to pull/push my ass so that I was fucking him deeper and harder.
Neither of us spoke a word, we didn't have to. It seemed that we were
connected in such a way that we knew exactly what the other needed to
achieve maximum pleasure. He shifted his body slightly so that he was now
lying more on his side, but my cock never left his ass. He looked up at
me with free naughty teen porn the most incredibly lustful, beautiful look on his face. I leaned
in and we touched lips slightly. He licked my lips as I continued to plow
his ass. We were breathing heavily, in unison, our faces right next to
one another. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold back much longer, and
Mikey felt the same way... I could tell.I leaned in and lightly took his ear in between my teeth, and with that,
Mikey let out a high-pitched squeal. I felt the first few drops of cum
leak from the tip of his cock that I was still madly teen gay porn stroking. I
unleashed a nice shot into his ass, and he shot one into my hand. My mind
began to spin, teen kelly porn
I was seeing stars. I had never felt something so
incredible teen tian porn in my life. picture teen porn galleries With each shot hindoe teen porn I let into the kid, he shot an
equally impressive one shoot from his own little dick. It felt like we
were not just having simultaneous orgasms, but that we were feeding them
to one another. Mikey turned his head and took my mouth over with his.
Shot after shot I let teen porn star list into him, and he shot it right back out at me,
almost like my shows beach sex teens
were going so hard into him that they just came
right back out the tip of his cock.After what seemed like a day-long orgasm, we finally fell apart, covered
with each other's sweat, drool, and jizz. We sat silently for a few
minutes, still tangled in arms and bedsheets."I think I love you, Mikey.""I know I love you, Bryan."We fell asleep in this position.When I woke up in the morning, Mikey was in the bathroom washing his
face. He was still naked, and I admired the beautiful, round ass that had
just brought me such pleasure the night before.Mikey and I continued to have fun with teen porn industry one another for years, and had
many more "firsts". None would stand out in my mind as being as wild,
hot, or beautiful as that one summer. 10yr 17yr teen porn
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