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From: Brew Maxwell
Subject: My First Year with Kevin, Chapter 19The following is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real people or
events is purely coincidental. The story contains graphic descriptions of
sex between men, and anyone who is forbidden by law to read 12 years porn gallery
such material
must 10-16 years old pussy exit the story now. This story is being posted to the Nifty Archive
for the enjoyment of its readers. It may not be posted or distributed by
any other medium without the written permission pree teens 12 years
of its author.My other works in the Nifty Archive include Unusual Christmas and Nick's
Adventures, both in bisexual/high school, First Mate and Twin Spin in
gay/incest, The Dancer and Call-Boy Journal in gay/encounters, and From
Slave to Houseboy in gay/authoritarian.E-mail comments are always welcome.
My First Year With KevinChapter 19 We didn't have school the photo nude boys 16years
rest of the week. We didn't get much of
a Spring Break because of that, but we definitely needed the rest nacked 14 years old
of the
week to recover. I didn't wake up until noon on Ash Wednesday, but Kevin
was already up when I stirred. I took a shower, one of the best of my
life, and dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. It was late February, and it
was already well into spring.
I found Kevin in the den, with the TV set on local "News at Noon."
"Hey, Babe," he said when I 14 year old porno walked into the room. "How're photos girls 13 years you
"Hey." I kissed him chastely on the lips. "I feel good. Did I
pass out last night, or something."
"Nah, man. You just went to sleep on the way home. Wu had a busy
day, wu did." He was talking baby-talk, and he was about as cute at that
moment as he ever was.
I wanted to say something witheringly funny, but all I could do was
laugh at him.
"You are so fucking cute," I virgin 12 years sex
finally got out. "Who could resist
"Well, you obviously can't, that's for sure. Are you aware you
have a hard-on."
I knew I didn't, but that made teens 16 years sexgallery me laugh more.
"I know I don't, but do you wish I did?"
"I always wish for wood," he said. Then, "Come nude 12 years old
here to me." He
pulled me to him. "Did you have as good a time yesterday as I think 12 years sex fotos you
"Kevin, Babe, I had a fabulous time. teen mpeg 16 year Thank you."
He didn't say anything. Instead, he raised my tee shirt back over
my head, sexy girls 17years
and he went 17 years sex pics to work on my nipples. I was pretty horny, anyway,
and that sent me over the edge. He "dragged" me very willingly up 17 years hot porno the
stairs and made deep and serious love to me on his bed. In an hour, both
of us were sexually drained, and we were ready to start the day. It was,
by then, two o'clock.
When we went back downstairs, Frank and Denis were at the kitchen
table drinking coffee. teen non-nude 16 year Kevin poured cups for the two teen 14 years porno
of us.
"So, was it a successful Mardi Gras," 16 years pics
Kevin asked them.
"It was wonderful, fabulous, unbelievable-you know, the usual,"
Denis said.
"Did you guys get laid?"
"Kevin!" That from Frank.
Denis started laughing, and then Frank saw the humor in the
question, too.
"Goddamn, Dad, that's not such a bizarre question," porno 13 year
Kevin said.
"Did ya?" His eyes lit up like neon signs on that last question.
"Fuck you," schoolgirl 13 years
Frank said. Denis and 16 year girl sexy
I laughed.
"Oh, Daddy. 13year old nudes Would you? Please? I'd do anything for a Smythe cock
up my ass."
Frank laughed with us on that one.
"This is not wholesome family breakfast-table conversation," Frank
said, pretending to be self-righteous.
"I know, Daddy, it's pure white trash, and I love it," Kevin
responded. "We're finally getting down to our roots. I want to see this
trailer of ours a-rockin' and a-rollin'."
Denis and 14years old sexy girls I were roaring with laughter, and Frank was having a hard
time keeping up the charade of a serious talk.
"Where porno free 16 year the hell did you come from," Frank 17years old pussy porn finally was able pussy girls 14 years to say.
"Right out of that big, fat, wonderful dick of yours, Daddy. I
want 13 year old nymph to crawl back into it and just suck myself nonude over 18 years
We all roared with laughter when 14 year preeten he said that. Kevin was really on
a roll then, and I was loving it.
When we had settled down, Frank said, in all years old cum movie
seriousness, "Can you
really do that?"
"Do what?"
"Suck yourself off?"
"Yes, sir."
"Jesus Christ!"
"Kevin, you are un-fucking-believable," Frank said.
"I'll take that as a compliment," Kevin said.
We drank coffee and smoked cigarettes in silence as each man read
his copy of the paper.
"Excuse me, fell-ows, I must evacuate. Back in a flash. preeteens 10 years Or as a
flasher. Or with a flush. I don't know which." nude boys 10 year 12-year-old-nude
With that, Kevin left the
room to go upstairs.
"What 2008 playboy coed yearbook the hell is he talking about," I asked. I had never heard
him say that before.
"That means he has to take a shit. That goes way back to when 12years old porno
mother was still alive," Frank said. "He used to say stuff like 'I have to
take a shit,' or 'I need to piss' when he was ten years old. We thought
that was inappropriate around adults, so we taught him to say nothing but
'excuse me.' Well, in time he figured out that, medically, taking a shit
was called 'evacuating your bowels' and taking a piss was 'voiding your
bladder.' 10 years teens fucking
So he started using those terms nude pic 16 years for a couple of years. That
last jibe was aimed at me. Denis probably has never heard him say that.
Have sexe 14 years pedo you?"
"No, I haven't," Denis said, "but it's entirely consistent with the
mood he's in today."
We all laughed.
"Matt, was he telling the truth a few minutes ago? Can he really
suck himself off?" Frank seemed inordinately curious.
"Yes, sir, he can. I've only seen him do it a couple 13 years girl porno
of time, but
he damn sure can."
"Just the head girls 14 years nude of his cock, or what," Frank asked.
"No, sir, almost the whole thing. He's really flexible."
"Good God," Frank said. Denis laughed.
"You're just jealous, Frankie, and you know it." I had never heard
Denis call him "Frankie" before.
"Could you xxxpics 16 year pussy ever young porno 17 year
do that," Frank asked Denis.
"Would I be here if I could," Denis said. Then, when he realized
what he had said, he looked at me with worry 14 year old pussy on his face.
"Duh," I said. "Would I?"
They both laughed, and I did, too. I imagined that Kevin had grown
up sex 16 years porno
hearing that kind of 15 years thong nude banter between them, so I 15 yearsold fucking teen
had a better insight into
his saying, months before, he had a better grip on his pedo russian 5 years sexuality than I did
because free tgp 16 year he had grown up with two gay parents. 14 year girl naked
He was right. We spent the rest of that week lounging around, shopping, going to
movies, going out to eat with the 13 year old pornstars dads, shooting some pool with Todd, doing
homework, and just kind of being an ordinary family of two gay men and
their sons who were lovers. "Leave It 15 years sex video to Beaver" kind of stuff. You know? School started back with cuties 14 years a vengeance. We were in the last half of
our senior years of high school, and we were really eager family 13 year porno to get beyond
that. We had all the freedom we wanted or needed, but the hentai 15-year-old
idea of living
on our own away home was beginning to get both of us more and more 14 years young pussy excited.
In March, the colleges started drafting their football players.
Kevin had been in touch with the FSU coaches on a more-or-less weekly
basis, and, a lot of movies porno 16 years the time, he hadn't let Frank or Denis know he had
gotten a letter. It became increasingly apparent that they wanted him as a
red-shirt freshman. He wasn't all that big, by college standards, even 15 years russian virgin
a quarterback, and they hoped he'd grow in his year as a red shirt.
Finally, teenporn 15 years signing russian 12 year old week came, and Kevin didn't know what to do.
"You remember our pedo 13 years sex plan," I said. We had both 11 year old schoolgirl
been accepted by
Florida State by then.
"Yeah, but how do I tell them?"
"You write a letter. I'll help you."
"I know *how*, asshole. What do I say?"
"You tell them like it 13 years pussy girls
is, dude. Tell them you have applied to
Harvard and that you would naked 16years old
really like to wait to say yes or no 12 years pedo pussy after you
get the letter from Harvard."
"That's it?"
"Yeah, basically. I'm sure they don't get a lot of letters like
that. I mean, it's rarely a choice between FSU football and Harvard for
most people. You know what I mean?"
Kevin wrote that letter, and he got a polite reply saying they
understood and would have to hear something from him by May first. Golf foto teens 16 year and 16 years girls nude baseball seasons had both started. We both made the
first-string teams in our respective sports. I had wanted to play tennis,
too, but golf and tennis were both spring sports, so I had to make a
choice. 16year
Kevin and I discussed that at length, and we also discussed 17year porn
with Denis and Frank. All three guys were unanimous that I should try out
for golf, and I made the team. Kevin made the first string baseball team,
of course, and he did extremely well that season. He was batting around
.400, and he was very impressive as a third baseman. My golf game hovered
in 14year naked the mid-eighties, and I was consistently better than any of 13 year porn
April 15th came around before nudes 16 years old
we knew it. We were so distracted by
our sports, by school, and by our other activities that I don't think
either of us realized it was 16-year-old fuck even approaching.
When we got home from school that afternoon, Frank and Denis were
already home. We didn't really think anything of that, but, when we walked
into the 16 years old tgp
kitchen that afternoon, they were there, all a-grin. They both
held out really photo 13 year girl thick envelopes.
"Open them, boys," Frank said, as we walked in.
Of course we did, and we had both been accepted at Harvard. The
course of our next four years was set.
Frank and Denis took us out for a big meal that night to celebrate
our acceptances. They told everybody they 15 years porno video
saw that they knew about our
news, and, frankly, we were both a little embarrassed about how people made
over us. We actually met a couple whose son was a Harvard junior, and they
said they just knew he'd be delighted to serve as our guide. Yeah, sure, I
thought. When 15 years porno pictures
I looked at Kevin, I pussy teens 16 years
knew he was thinking the same thing.
Kevin was ferocious in bed that night, just as I knew he would be.
He was every bit the alpha male, and he made my ass sing. I had figured he
would be extra-horny, and I got hard just from thinking about it on the way
home from the restaurant. Frank and Denis had wanted us to have a drink
with them when we got home. We had a short one, but 12 years girls nude Kevin wanted to go to
bed. He was a very excitable boy, and the Harvard news had him very
After we had sucked and fucked and kissed and rimmed and done all
the things we knew how to do, young porn 17 years he held me tight.
"Babe, I think this Harvard thing has made Frank and Denis very
happy, don't you?"
"Yeah, I do, but I think it's made you pretty happy, too."
He nuzzled me and kissed me gently on the lips.
"I think you know me too teensex 14 years old fucking well."
"You really didn't want to go to 12 years fuck FSU, did you?"
"No, sexy teens 16 years and I didn't really want pussy 16 years to play football at that level of
"I knew that 15 year old schoolgirl
in my heart, Kevin. Why didn't you say something?"
"Because if we 15 years girls xxx hadn't both gotten into Harvard, I would have done
it, that's why. That was our ace in the hole and our reason for going
"*Our* reason for going there?"
"I 14 year old kids knew you'd go with me. We had made that pact. And nudes 14 years I never want
us to be apart. I'd have let those gorillas in the teen 16 year nude
ACC beat up my ass if
it meant you'd be there with me."
I was taken aback.
"Does that mean you would have done anything for nude pussy 30 years us to stay
together? That's what teen xxx 15 years
that just sounded like, Kevin."
"And that's what I meant, Babe. Anything."
He held me tightly, and I could feel his semi-erect penis pressing
into my back. I was silent 10-16 years sex fuck
in the darkness of our room, and I thought
about what he had said and about its implications. I started crying
"What's the matter," he asked, deep concern in his voice.
"You really love me, don't you?"
"Have you ever had any doubt?"
"Oh, Kevin, never. I love you underground 10-14 years girl so much. It's just that I didn't
realize how much you love me. I'm embarrassed."
"Because I'm not sure I would have let ACC gorillas bust my ass
just so we could be together."
He laughed and nude 10 years girls hugged me tighter. I felt his hard cock slip into
my ass.
"Shhhhh, Babe. Go to sleep, now. Your man has you, and he ain't
ever lettin' go."
The next morning there was a 16 years teens blowjob
small story in the paper about Kevin
being offered a place on the FSU team.
"Goddamn it," he said loudly, as all four of us sat at the
breakfast table. "Why the fuck didn't they write about me getting accepted
at Harvard? About us getting accepted?"
"Kevin, which section 14 years hardcore video of the paper are 14 years pussies
your 15 years old teenie
reading," Frank asked.
"The sports section."
"So, do they usually report academic achievement on the sports
"No, sir, but..."
"But what? You made sports russian 16 year old news, not academic news. Go with it,
son, 15years sex
and chill the fuck out."
Denis and I laughed.
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