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From: Brian Bass
Subject: miss matched part2/high schoolAuthors Note:My sincere thanks for all the emails I have recieved, it has given me a new
lease on things so I can keep this story going. I apologies for
incorrectly putting my email address on sexi young girls the first chapter so below is the
correct one. spiritual_healer62yahoo.comAlso I would like to give a special thanks to my editor without his help
and encouragement this story would not have been posted. And to my Sunshine
who ass youngest free makes me simle and keeps me writing. And also to you Sexy (you know who
you are) for your encouragement as well.Now for:
CHAPTER 2The rest of the year went by pretty much like I had expected. My sister and
Shawn's relationship seemed to be never changing. I spent some time
investigating what Kristen suspected about them and I noticed that she had
been right about the fact there didn't seem to be a whole lot of chemistry
between the two of them. I also noticed that on the few occasions that we
were around Shawn's cousin Tony, my sister was shy and awkward to some
extent almost like she was nervous around him.She also blushed a lot and would almost seem to flirt with Tony. Even
though it seemed her attraction to him was obvious it didn't seem to bother
Shawn at all. What was more amazing to me was it was just as obvious that
Tony was young amputee attracted to her as well.Shawn didn't seem to have a problem with that either. Hell I got jealous
all the time russian young girls
seeing Shawn with my sister. I spent less and amateurs young couple less time with
them because I couldn't bare to watch her yers young fuck touch him and kiss him, which was
generally how it was.I had noticed young ass that Shawn barely tolerated the physical attention she showed
him. I still didn't believe he was at all attracted to me but I was
beginning to believe that the relationship between my sister and him was
not based on true love.
I was sure he loved her, they had been best friends so long but I didn't
think either was truly IN-Love with the other. Shawn would spend the night
about once a mouth, I would still sleep in the living room with him and
most times we would watch TV or a movie until we fell asleep. There were
occasions that we would stay up talking, the fact that Terri had no intest
in art or sculpture seemed to really bother him. He loved that stuff and
she would tease him all the time that it was sissy and he was too macho to
care about that shit. I felt sorry for him.The most memoriable night of my whole 15th year came in the middle of May
just a week before school let out. Shawn was spending the night and we were
down stairs, I had just bought a new portable tape player that had two head
sets so two people could listen to it at the same time.I had bought it with some money my grandparents had sent as stories sex young an early
birthday present, Everyone else had gone to bed and we nude young anna decided since it was
a warm night to go lay out on the grass under the stars and listen to some
music. I old and young knew how much he love classical music and I know it was another
thing him and Terri did not have in common.We took out a blanket and put young nude lotitas it on the ground and took out some cokes to
drink, he laid down and I sat next to him fiddling with the tapes for a
minute. When he lay down he put an arm behind his head and closed his
eyes. I took this opportunity to truly look at him.'God' I thought, 'how gorgeous he is'.I loved looking at him but couldn't do it for long since others were always
around tonight I could just look all I wanted. russian young virgin All of a sudden he opened
his eyes and smiled."Are we going to listen to music or what"I blushed and put the tape in that I had picked out. I pushed play and laid
down my eyes open staring at the stars. Shawn listened for a moment than
braced himself up on one elbow and looked at me"You remembered" he smiled. "This is my favourite Beethoven piece."I just grinned back and said."Well its mine to."Shawn just laid back down young fuckers and looked up at the stars. We didn't say a word
after that but at sometime we fell porni young asleep. I woke up chilled after all it
was still spring, and to my surprise Shawn had his arm over my chest and
was snuggled up against me. I rolled slightly and nudged him."Shawn, hey Shawn, lets go inside man its chilly out here and if someone
should see us like this they would get the wrong idea."Shawn moved slightly and opened his eyes, I expected him younger non nudes to jump away from
me when young nudist pix he realized how tight he was holding me but he just smiled and
said."Well I was trying to keep you warm."I wasn't sure how to react to that so I just smiled shyly and replied"Well thanks man I appreciate it but we better get inside."He just moaned and then said, before getting to his feet."If we have to"We picked up our stuff and went into the living room and crawled into our
sleeping bags. I looked over at Shawn and to see he was looking at me, it
made me romania young porno a little nervous. When he spoke he said something I will never
forget as long as I live."Goodnight Davie I Love You"Shawn rolled over and pulling the sleeping bag around his shoulders
appeared to drift off to sleep. Hell I didn't know what to say or do so I
just young and sexy
laid there staring at the back of his head thinking about how great it
was to be in his arms and realized that it wasn't lust I felt for him it
was truly love.While the words were ones I never thought I would ever hear they also
saddened me a little and with his sweet voice ringing in my ears I rolled
over and let myself slip into a stae of sleep.The next day I told Kristen what had happened, she got a huge smile on her
face."I knew it, I knew it, he is so totally into you.""Don't read more into it then there is Kristen""It was chilly out and he was just snuggling to get warm.""What about what he said" she asked me"I'm sure he does love me, but like a brother, and that's all." I sighed"Yeah right" she smirkedI just sat there wishing she was right but knowing even if she was there
was nothing I could ever do about it. Shawn was my sister's and I could
never love a man openly, not in this town anyway.Nothing much else happened until late in June. Shawn called up and asked my
parents if it would be ok if I went with him on a fishing and camping
trip. He wanted to go up to his grandfather's farm and camp out by his
creek and go fishing. He told them that his grandfather would be at the
farm but we would still be pretty far from the house he knew they would
never allow my sister to go and he didn't want to go by himself.My parents didn't seem fozya art young to have a problem with it, they considered Shawn a
member of the family and my mom even told my dad that sounds like something
fun for two brothers to do. They had already assumed like Shawn's young skinny boys parents
had that him and my sister would get married.I myself was thrilled with the idea of spending time with him even though I
knew nothing would happen, It Couldn't, I still wanted the opportunity to
be near him, just the two of us alone together. Shawn worked for his Uncle
during the week in the summer, so he came to my house as soon as he got off
work on young nude females Friday.He had told me to pack light a couple pairs of jeans some shorts and a swim
suit, and of course reminded me to bring my tapes. When we were ready to
leave my sister gave him a kiss on the lips then gave me one on the cheek
and told me."Take care of him David and be good."I couldn't help but hairless young boys
think all the ways I could take care of him and how
good it would young russian pusy be. and then I felt guilty for thinking it.Shawn and I talked about general stuff on the drive up nothing real
significant, we also listened to music, OUR kind of music. There were long
periods of young teen naket silence where nothing was said and it felt so good to just young innocent teens be
with him. child youngporn
Shawn would look over at me from time to time during though quiet
times and finally he told me."I love this.""You love what?""I young lesbian clips love being here with you, just enjoying being together not having to
talk, listening to music we both like, you don't seem to need to talk all
the time when you're happy, I love that""Well I don't know what to say but I assumed its ok with you that I don't
talk all the time. I like to just be in your presence and listen to this
music and let Flat tit young my mind wander were it may." I told him"I know what you mean. I like doing that to." He told meI snickered and added."Yeah but don't let younger babes porn
your mind wander to far off the road."Shawn smiled as he replied."Don't worry Davie I would never let anything happen to you"God how I loved it when he called me Davie. I hated it when little young moddels anyone else did
but for some reason when he did I felt this surge of emotion in me.When we got to his grandfathers farm we went into the house, I had known
Gramps most of my life. He was a grandfather who was in is late 50's didn't
really look or act like one. His wife had died years ago and the only
person who lived on the farm with him was Rudy a hired hand.Gramps had hired him about a year after his wife had died. They worked the
farm together and seemed more like best friend and partners than employee
and employer. Rudy was about 20 years younger than Gramps and did a lot of
the hard labor that Gramps couldn't do anymore.Rudy was cool and like Gramps was well built and looked good for his
age. Guess farm life keeps you in shape. When we got there we headed out to
the barn to find Gramps and Rudy, they were busy mucking out stalls. Gramps
smiled widely"Hey boys want to help us old men out?"Rudy snarled "Who you calling young mc old"Gramps just snickered"Well you ain't as young as them and sometimes age has its advantages, you
can use it to get young ones to help"Rudy paused for a second than said young love pictures
"Oh" then he humped over and held his
back."Yeah I guess I am getting up there in age."We all just laughed"So" Shawn said changing the subject "where's the tent Gramps and all the
stuff"Gramps smiled."Well we took it out to the Creek yesterday and set everything up for you,
we spent the night out there last night, It was firm young breast quite nice.""Yeah I bet" Shawn replied, "I love staying out there. So all we young 12yr pussy need bondage young boy
the stuff we brought, Cool."Gramps put the rake down and walked over to us."I don't want you driving your truck out there though I want you to take
mine, it's supposed to storm tonight, young cunt sex
if it gets to bad out there I want
you two to come back to the house and young tgp sex I don't want your truck getting
stuck.""Were not wimps" I said"Didn't say you were David but download young porn the creek is already high and if it rains to
much you might get flooded out."He put his hand on my shoulder."I young again nutrients
just want to make sure that if you want to come back you can erected young dicks
and you
don't get stuck. That old truck of mine can get out of any mess, that
little toy of Shawn's would get stuck for sure and its to far out to walk
back unless you want to walk all night"I was nudged by Shawn."Don't argue with him Davie, I love driving Gramps truck""Ok, I don't care what we take as young girl feet long as I don't have to walk" I told themGramps threw Shawn the keys and then hugged us both and we walked out of
the barn to move our stuff from the car. As we were leaving I heard Rudy
say,"You should have made them work for it I hate shoveling shit"Gramps just chuckled."Oh come on you young stud if I can do it you can"We moved our things into the back of Gramps bigger truck and got in, not an
easy task for me, I'm so short that it was like climbing up a mountain but
it was cool. I hate the fact I'm so short, it bothered me a lot and Shawn
knew it, in fact he knew it well enough not to offer me any help as that
just upset me more. He knew I wanted to or should I say, needed to do young boy sucking it
myself.We honked the horn as we took off across the field, it was about a 20 min
drive to get to the spot we were to camp at on the creek. I hadn't been
there in a few years, the last time I was here I was 12, and Shawn along
with his Dad and mine, myself and my sister had all come out here to camp
for a few days. We had had a blast and had intended to come back but never
got around to it again.Shawn stopped the truck and we got out, I just looked around it was
absolutely Gorgeous."God I love this place" I said "Its more beautiful than I remembered.""Yeah"Shawn replied. Taking in the view for a few moments."Come on and help me get this stuff unloaded"We hadn't brought much just our fishing poles and tackle boxes, Sleeping
bags, a cooler full of drinks and junk food (of course) and a some young girls ilegals
clothes.It was pretty warm that day and after we put our stuff in the tent we
decided nude angels young
to take a swim. I was getting my suit out of my bag and beautiful young pussy turned
around, there stood Shawn buck-naked `OMG' I thought and turned back around
swiftly.Shawn chuckled."What's the matter Davie, it's not like we have never seen each other in
the buff before, hell I don't know why you want to ware suits anyway its
only the two of us."What Shawn didn't know was I hadn't turned because of being embarrassed
seeing him naked, I turned so I wouldn't have to explain the fact I had
gotten a instant hard tennie young porn on. I just kind of cleared my thoughts and said."I'm just more comfortable with a suit on is all""OK its cool, monique young I don't care just didn't want you to think you had to wear
one is all, but we can if its makes you feel more comfortable."There was almost a slight tone of disappointment in his voice. I figured it
was because he was used to skinny young teen snatch dipping here and would prefer that, I was
relieved that he didn't push it.After we swam a while we laid down on the bank and just talked."I kind of miss riding the horses out young girls peeing
here." Shawn said"So why didn't young teens links we" I asked him"I don't know we only have a couple days and didn't what young girls masturbating to take half the
day getting here and we couldn't have brought all this stuff with us. I
like doing it when I have like a whole day to do nothing ""We haven't been riding together in a while" I reminded him"Yeah I know, We haven't done a lot of stuff in a young 13 porn
while" he reminded me "I
really miss you."I smiled and slightly blushed."Thanks Ive missed you to."When it began getting dark we started a fire and roasted youngest nude boy some hotdogs and a
'LOT' of marshmallows. I had brought my boom box with plenty of spare
batteries so we could listen to some classical music. It was such beautiful
night to just lay back and watch the stars young gay dick overhead while the sounds
floated past in the stillness of the night.Shawn put his sleeping bag on the ground and looked up though the trees at
the stars."Man Davie come hear you have to see this."I laid extremely young porn down next to him and looked up it was beautiful. I went to get up
and Shawn pulled me back to him."Hear lay your head on my shoulder and you young black porn will have a better view."I did as he asked but a little bit reluctantly. We just laid there looking
at the stars my head on his shoulder his arm around me and listening to
music and we fell asleep. All of a sudden I woke up to a loud crash, I
opened my eyes and sat up. I saw a flash then heard another boom this one
louder and it woke up Shawn."Shit it's about to let loose, lets get in the tent" I told teen young girls himAs we were getting up huge drops of rain started to fall, Shawn grabbed his
sleeping bag and we ran for the tent. The down pour was so youngest incest tgp strong though
the sleeping bag and us were both soaked before we got into the tent."Shit"Shawn said with a snicker throwing the bag to the other side of the tent."Looks like we have to share your bag tonight" He smiledI just grinned back scared to death. Lying on him out there was one thing
but both of us inside a sleeping bag How young kid xxx in the hell would I keep from
getting hard. Shawn began to strip right in front of me."Come on Davie angry young man lets get out of these wet cloths."I turned my back to him and started getting undressed. young tpg As I pulled off my
underwear I felt Shawn's hands on my shoulder."Hey man are you ok? why are you so shy all of a sudden? You aint got
nothing I haven't seen before you know."I closed my eyes, his touch was young jeezy shirts so intoxicating to me then I realized my
greatest fear was coming true I was getting hard right there. I bent down
and grabbed my underwear and frantically tried to put them on. Not saying
word, but feeling like I was dying inside. Tears started rolling down my
face and Shawn grabbed me and youngest pissing turned me to him."Hey Man" he said sternly "What's Wrong?"I bowed my head and tried to turn around. My Hard cock was pointing
straight at him and I knew he saw it, how can he miss it, it's right there
in his face. Shawn just pulled me back to face him."Davie What's the Matter" he demandedI couldn't say anything finally he spoke for me."Are you embarrassed because you popped a young nude moels boner?"I just turned my head away from him."Hell man your 16 years old that shit happens to me if the breeze blows the
right way." He laughedI sniffed and said as my whole body began shaking."Well your not"I couldn't finish it"What? not hard?" he snickered "Um you want to look again."I looked down he still had on his wet jeans it was hard for me to tell at
first then I noticed that he was in fact hard as well. I kind of gave a
slight half-ass smile."Hell Davie there aint nothing wrong with getting hard. Were guys it
happens all the time.""But do you get hard when other guys are around?""Sometimes if the guys are all talking about sex and shit in the locker
room were all tenting our towels." He told me."So have you had sex with my sister?" I turned and finally put on my briefs"NO" he said franticly then he pulled off his wet pants and his underwear
and I saw him hard for the first time.And I couldn't help but say."Holey Shit, It didn't look that big in your pants."Once young 16 yo I had said it I was instantly upset Traci young cooper againShawn chuckled."yeah it surprises everyone."I looked up at his face."EVERYONE?""All the guys on the team." He smiled "I'm the proud owner of the largest
cock on the team."`How do you know that " I asked, "Did you measure""Well kind of we compared".I looked at him confused. Shawn sighed then added."Davie you know guys jerk off right?""Well yeah dah, I'm 16 do you think that I don't it." I answered and he
smiled"Well have you ever heard of a circle jerk?""Uhm no not really""Well its where several guys get together in a circle and jerk off together
or jerk each other off sometimes." He told me"OK" I said not really knowing where this is going"Well some of us on the football team do it." he told me then added "A lot""OH" I replied, then I couldn't resist saying "Why""Well mostly because we don't have sex with our girlfriends, either because
we don't want to or they don't want to. It's a sexual relief that is a cp young virgin
better than just jerking off by yourself.""um ok,....I though if you did stuff with other guys you were gay"Shawn laughed "NO,...if you want to do sexual stuff with ONLY guys you are
gay, if you want to do sexual stuff with guys and girls you are bi. If you
do sexual stuff with guys because you can't with a girl, you're straight
just getting off.""Oh ok, you have only done it in a group?""No, know Tarence" He asked"Yeah, Why" I asked"Well once in a while Tarence and I will do each other." He paused "you
know jack each other off.""Most people at school think Tarence is gay." I told him"Well I think he is to, he wants to do more with me but I'm not interested
but we both enjoy getting off."He sat bald young pussy down on the sleeping bad with me and I looked down at young lesbians girls
my porno kids young lap my dick
still hard and asked quietly."So how do you find someone that will do that stuff with you.""Well I just waited till I was approached."Shawn lowered his head so he could look into mine."But you don't have to wait if you don't want to." He smiledI looked at him and blushed."You mean we could, would, with me.""Of course, lots of brothers and friends jack off together."He gently put his hand on the bulge in my briefs."You don't have to do this with me if you don't want to Davie""No, I would love to try it."I young movie porno
didn't add how long I had been wanting to touch his cock and stroke it
till he came all over my hand, and now the idea that he would be doing the
same to me was so unbelievableShawn started to massage my groin I wanted to touch his petite young hardcore
but was scared to,
all of a sudden he stopped and stood up. He reached down then helped me to
stand up as he pulled down my briefs and then his own. He sat me back down,
then started to stroke my cock looking into my eyes and smiling. My
nervousness must have showed as he took my hand and placed it on his, I
started to stroke it and as I did he closed his eyes youngest teeny sex and smiled."God yes Davie that is it Babe."How I loved it when he called me babe. I was in heaven and leaking precum
so bad there was no need for lube and he was the same way. My eyes were
still closed till I young pusst heard mosteroticteens young Shawn say."Open your eyes Davie its ok to watch."I opened them and he smiled at me. I started to stroke him a little harder,
I loved the feel of him in my hand and the feel of his hand stroking me. To
my amazement he was enjoying it immensely as well."Oh Davie that's it babe yeah" he breathed heavily "Damn your good at this"He bit his lip and after a few more grunts and groans he started to come
and I couldn't believe how much came out of him. His whole body shook,
then he gave me this look that I cant explain like he was almost possessed
by the idea of getting me off."Davie am I the first person to get you off.""Yeah" knowing he hadn't got me off yet but positive he was about to."Good" he smiled almost like young nudess he was pleased I was only his. But that made
no sense since he wasn't gay he was just doing this to get off or was he,
he had gotten off but was still doing me determined to finish me off."Close your eyes Davie""Why" I asked"That way you can imagine I'm Krista."If he only knew that all I wanted was him. All I said was."I don't want to think of Kristen""Then think of whoever it is you would like to be doing whatever it is to
you but I want you to get off." He told meSo I closed younger babies nudes my eyes and pictured him touching me all over I could almost
feel it for real I started moaning louder and my mind very young nud went wild and I felt
him touch my ass pucker, I knew I was only fantasizing but it felt so real
and as I felt his finger enter me I exploded. My eyes still closed I think
I fell asleep almost immediately.The next thing I remember is waking up and being very cold, Shawn was
laying almost on top of me and I moved, as I did he rolled over and
splashed. ? Splashed? OH SHIT. Suddenly I realized there was about two
inches of water in the tent with us. As Shawn was coming around from the
splash into the water we both looked at each other and about shit."Davie grab some underwear and get in the truck rumanian young girls
we don't have time for
anything else we have to get out of hear now."He sounded almost frantic. Grabbing for some soaked underwear I was lucky
they were mine sitting on top of the pile and were only damp. He grabbed my
hand and ran out of the tent thai whore young to the tuck. It had water all around it and
Shawn looked worried. They had been known to have flash floods there and
if one came up we could be in huge trouble. We naked young art climbed into the truck and
he turned it over and let it rev a few minutes then took a deep breath, he
knew if he gunned it he would get stuck for sure so he put it in 4 wheel
drive and slowly we crawled away form the creek.After we had gotten away from the immediate danger we headed for the house
the headlights didn't help much with the downpour of rain and Shawn seemed
to be thinking it was taking to long to get back to the house and thought
we were lost. I turned on the two-way radio and real young pic hollered for gramps.Rudy answered right away."Lord I'm glad to hear you boys your grandfather is worried sick.""Where is gramps at?""He's hooking up the spot light should be on in young orgasm gallery just a sec, it young angel rape
will help
guide you back easier."Just then we saw it come on, it was one of those that makes a big circle in
the sky but gramps just had it aimed right up in the air.Shawn took the mic from me and told Rudy."I see it but I can't find the road in-between the fields. Its harder than
hell to see out here."Just then we heard gramps talk back he must have come back inside."Drive though the field boy" he told Shawn"But what about the crops""Fuck the Crops get your ass here, drive through the field NOW!!!! As fast
as you can, go straight to the cellar and move your Asses!"Holy shit something was not cool, Shawn hit the gas and we went flying
though the field of beans towards the light. I never knew a truck could fly
but it did, he spun to a stop and pulled me out of the drivers side with
him never saying a word. Not letting go of my hand we ran to the Hole in
the ground they called the cellar and went down as gramps shut the door.
By that time I as shaking like crazy not sure what was going on, the wind
sounded horrid and though I wasn't aware of it myself, I was crying. Shawn
just sat me on his lap and held me. Rudy gave us a couple of real old
blankets to cover up litlle young porn with, we were soaked and chilled but we all sat there
in silence for the longest time.Suddenly we heard the thunder dying down as young teen preeteen the storm moved off, finally I
could speak."Why are we young wet snatch down hear and what happened"Shawn explained to me that when his grandfather told him to move it young nude women and go
straight for the cellar the knew there was a tornado. Now it was time to
see what damage it had done.When we climbed out it was still pretty dark but the spot light was still
on `good sign' the barn was still standing and so was the house."Looks like it missed us." Gramps sighed in relief.We all went into the house and gramps teens young underwear made us some hot chocolate and him
and Rudy some hot tea. He keep looking at me still shivering not so much
from being chilled but from having the crap scared out of me. Shawn keep
putting his hand on my shoulder and my leg comforting me. Gramps finally
asked."You ok David"I sighed."Yeah I guess I'm still here aren't I" I tiny young tgp said with a snicker "Just have to
make myself realize I'm ok."Rudy smiled. "I understand that."He took another drink of his tea then said."Well we best be getting to bed soon, we need to survey the damage in the
morning,you two can sleep in young indin teen my bed and I'll sleep with gramps."Shawn said with a smile."We sure don't want to put you out"Rudy winked at him "Oh don't worry about that."I was totally confused. We headed up to Rudy's room and when we shut the
door I asked Shawn."What was that all about"Shawn smiled."Rudy always sleeps with gramps""HUH""They're a couple, have been since a month after Rudy moved in." Shawn said"You mean there Gay,......Doesn't that bother you?""Why should it, they'e happy that's all that matters? Does it bother you?"I smirked "No""Good" Shawn smiledThen all of a sudden it hit me we had no cloths"What do we wear to bed?"Shawn got the biggest smile on his face."NOTHING""ooooookkkkkkkk""Come on Davie I won't de-virginize you" he told me then added "unless you
want me to"I smiled and threw him my underwear, I knew he was joking but there would
be nothing better then him making love to me. We laid down in bed and I
just laid still, I was till shaking a little as I heard the thunder still
rolling in the distance."It sounds like its coming back"Shawn pulled me to him."Here cuddle with me and I'll keep you safe."With that I melted into Shawn's arms and fell asleep.The next morning I woke up and young buns
was laying on my side with Shawn spooning me
from behind. Shawn was stroking my cock and his cock was pressed in-between
my ass cheeks as he slowly humped me. I knew Shawn had to be dreaming but
it felt so good I wasn't about to wake him. Shawn keep sex younger girl stroking and humping
until finally I felt a warm wet cream on my ass and that made me cum. This
was so incredible probably the closest to having sex with Shawn I would
ever get. Afterwards I got up and went free young shoolgirl into the bathroom to clean up. As I
shut the bathroom very young door unknown to me Shawn opened his eyes rolled schoolgirl young teen over and
licked the cum on his hand, He smiled loving the taste.That day the boys helped Gramps on the farm they finally got back to the
creek and found all their stuff gone and a new road where the tornado had
gone through. They had both been very lucky, they left that night and
headed for home youngest pictures and on the way I remained very Quiet."What's wrong Davie""Thinking of what we did and my sister."Shawn foundered some."Davie I'm not ready to have sex with your sister. I need to have some type
of nudeyoung cuban girl
sexual relief, I don't want to do it with the other guys anymore. I
would rather just do it with you. But if you feel to guilty or it makes you
feel uneasy I'll understand."I thought for a moment."I do feel a little guilty Those young girls but I loved what we did and I want to do it
again. I don't really want to do it with anyone other than you though.""Good"Shawn smiled as he looked over at me, a twinkle in his eye that I had not
seen before.
TO Ernest and young BE CONTINUED:

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