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From: Joe Camp
Subject: My Hadrian 15My Hadrian
Part 15
By Joe childs amateurs fucking
Camp idc90hotmail.comWARNING: This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual
acts between boys rape children mpeg and with men and boys. The following
story is a work of fiction. It is a fantasy. Caesar Hadrian
and Antinous are children naked beach
well documented historical figures, as
is their relationship as lovers. nudist children tpg
Scholars disagree on
certain facts concerning Hadrian and Antinous. Few disagree
as to their relationship. This story is Fiction, but the
author has tried to keep it to what would be reasonable
for beliefs held at that time. Please read the preface for
more information japanese child
on the subject. The preface child wet pussy also includes
a glossary of special words used child erotica films
in the story.This story contains child pantyhose photo
sex between a boy and a man. While
these acts were acceptable by social standards 1860 years
ago, today, they nude child playing are not. The author does not encourage
or condone sex between naked child sex adults and children. If you are underage, nakked childs pics
or reading about homosexual children gallery sexy
between boys or by a man and a boy offends you; find
something else, and delete child picture sex
this file. Most historians
agree the relationship started before Antinous was 13,
probably sometime around age 11 or 12, and continued to
his death, in his late teens or early twenties. It is
known that child ilegal sex Antinous drowned in the Nile. It is debated
if it was a sacrifice or an accident. The author wishes to thank and acknowledge the help of
Ronald Staley, in his efforts to keep the general tone of
the story, historically accurate.The author retains the copyright of this story. Placing this
story on a web site without the authors permission is a
violation of that copyright.----------------------------------------------------------------My Hadrian
Part 15 He slipped his dick child cumshot sex inside me, and I had to fight the gods as he
pushed past their home. Hadrian pulled his cock most of the way
out, and kogal child the feelings of the ridge of his fat dick-head scraping
across the home of the gods was more than I could stand. I had to
scream as the gods sent my cum gushing out of my dick to hit me
on the face. My erastes was taking short fast strokes as I
screamed and jerked under him as the childporn forum gods sent spasm after
spasm throughout my body. My lover joined my hardcore kids chillporn
screams as childs hentai gallery he
grunted each shot of his life force into me. As we left naked child pussy Hadrian's villa, we took the Via Flaminia that runs
north to the Adriatic Sea. As is true with all Roman roads, it ran
straight. The road was built on a solid foundation child naturist fuck of rock, and
over these were laid polygonal blocks of lava that were expertly
fitted together. The lava blocks formed childporn sex pic a child movie tgp good traveling surface
and the top childpussy illegal
layer was so well fitted that it is smooth. My Hadrian
informed me that the concrete used on this portion was made of
volcanic ash and lime. The sides of the road were sightly sloped
for easy draining. He told me the engineers follow basically the
same principles undressing child pic when building abroad, but adapt their technique to
locally available materials. We stayed on the Via Flaminia until it joined the Via Aemilia,
and we switched to it. There were numerous feeder roads joining
the main roads, and that is why as my Hadrian loves to say, "All
Roads lead to Rome." The Via Aemilia led us across the Rubicon River, and as we
entered Cisalpine Gaul (Northern Italy), I felt we were ilegal childs porno finally on
our way. I was anticipating seeing the Alps, as I had child anal
heard so
much about them. As we traveled, my erastes told me about how 175 years ago,
Julius Caesar defeated the Helvetii (Swiss) and their allies when
they begun moving on Roman territories. He drove the Helvetii
back to their homes, then defeated the Sequani, who had been
threatening the Aedui (Burgundy), who were allies of Rome. Over the next 8 years of the Gallic War, Julius Caesar had
suppressed the barbaric tribes, and added the northern chillporn russia part of
Transalpine Gaul to Rome. He drove a wedge between the
Germans and Central Gaul, and secured the beautiful Rhine
Valley. The lush valleys and rugged mountains of the Alps were
everything I had ever heard. The air was so clean and fresh. We
never had to look for a good camping spot kinky child as any spot chosen
was perfect. One day we left the main children hymen pictures road and traveled a ways on a narrow
path. My Hadrian said we were going to spend a few days at a
special place, but he wouldn't tell me any more. When we arrived, the spot was beautiful, with its stream and
pools, but I couldn't tell much difference than many of the places
we had passed to get there. Hadrian could tell I didn't understand what was special about
this xxx photo children
spot over porno of children so many others. My erastes told me to go dip my
hand in the water. When I did, instead of the cold mountain
stream I was expecting, it was hot. The water was perfect for
bathing. When my Hadrian and I slipped into a pool childporn xxx to soak, it was so
relaxing. I could feel the soreness of my muscles draining away
after the long days in the saddle. We lounged and played in the pool a long time, absorbing the
heat of the mineral water. child nude 15 When child nudist loltas we incest child sex got out, I noticed my
Hadrian's balls were hanging much lower then usual. Well, just
the thought of what those firm eggs contained made my cock start
to stir. My erastes noticed my state, and held out child naked defloration his hand to me,
as we rushed to his tent. I couldn't wait to get my mouth around children sex photos his great hunk of meat.
We got on the bed, and I got between my erastes' childrensex pics free legs. I quickly
slurped his big egg into my mouth, and my Hadrian let out nude children fucking a
moan. I enjoyed my treat for a while, before I let it slip from my
mouth. My tongue children nudist galleries
worked its way down to his clean rosebud, and
my tongue played there for a child masturbating pictures
while before starting back up to his
other nut. family nudist child I sucked it into my mouth, and gave it the loving attention it
deserves. One long swipe of my tongue from the root of my
erastes' dick to the crown. My Hadrian's eggs were now tight
against his body, and he moaned xxx child sex as I lapped up the pre-cum
flowing from his cock. I couldn't wait any longer! I child nudist rompl
quickly pulled the foreskin from my
lover's cock-head, and wrapped my lips around that fat piece of
meat. The silky pics rape childs smoothness of his glans on my japanese children upskirt tongue was child pussy masturbate so
exciting, and my Hadrian let out a long groan. I swallowed his children extrem porn dick down my throat, naked children fotos as my erastes started
fucking into my mouth. Too soon, I heard the grunting he does
just before the gods send their nectar shooting from his dick. I
pulled almost off nude child pussies
his cock when I felt it start to swell. A asian children nudists grunt and
his dick sent a children nudist
shot of cum to my waiting mouth. His dick relaxed
before quickly swelling again, and more cum as my erastes
grunted. Three or four more grunts before my Hadrian was
through. My erastes pulled me up to lay in his arms, as he recovered. His
hand was gently fondling my eggs, as he told me how much he
loves me. As he nude child boys licked my nuts, I knew I couldn't last long. So
did my Hadrian. His mouth quick sucked in my hard throbbing
dick, and I had to force myself to relax. It didn't do any good. In
less then two child rompl videos
minutes, my life force was exploding into my
Hadrian's sucking mouth. We spent a little time at Augusta Vindelicorum (Augustus'
town - Augsburg), as the colony is a main station on the
road from Italy over fashion child sex
the Brenner Pass free xxx children
to the Danube. We made
our way to Vindabona (Vienna), and it is a beautiful city.
We spent some time visiting the library, theaters, and temples.
As we moved farther along child erotica
the frontier, we sailed down
the Danube River. As we traveled on into Germania (Germany), we inspected the
limes, the fortified roads with their fortresses fuck russian childs every nine
miles. At the first of several fortresses, I didn't children naturist boy see any
eromenos'. I didn't think anything of it until I met one later.
As we were talking, I mentioned the lack of boys at the other
fortress, and he informed me that there weren't many on the
frontier. He informed childporno childsex photo me that the system of eromenos and erastes just
wasn't as popular on the frontier as in Rome. The local customs
discouraged the practice. Many of the legionaries sent by Rome
to guard the Rhine lived outside their camps. They married German
girls, and remained as citizens when their term of service was
complete. It was usually only the higher ranking officers child porno collection that
had an eromenos, although the local boys do play with each other. I stayed russain child illegal at the fortress as my Hadrian went on a patrol with the
Captain and his legionaries. He wouldn't let me go, as he was
going to march with the men on foot incest children fucking
as a regular soldier. They
would only be gone a few days, so he didn't even take a tent,
planning on sleeping on the ground with the rest of the soldiers. All the legionaries loved the Emperor, as he had made their lives
so much easier. He had raised their pay, and relaxed a lot of the
rules. children fucking anal
Hadrian didn't care what they did on their off duty time, as
long as it doesn't interfere with porn child foto their duties. As the patrol was returning, I rushed to give my erastes a hug.
He hugged me back, but I could tell there was something wrong.
He was holding himself stiff, and I could tell he was very tired and
in chillporn chinese pain, but wouldn't let pussy children free
anyone see. I stayed at his side until we could go to his bedchamber. He
didn't want to call the doctor, but I insisted. My Hadrian lay down
and wet child pussies rested until his doctor arrived. All he would tell me after Anime child rape the
doctor left was that he was getting older and shouldn't keep up
with the twenty year-old troops anymore. As we made love that night, angels child sexy
I watched my Hadrian very closely,
he seemed to be alright. Without a word, I started kissing down
his firm chest. My erastes was moaning under me, as I reached his
pubic hair. smal children fuck
I wanted that hard dick. I licked my way up and down
that long shaft, before taking it in interracial sucking childs
my mouth, and forcing my tongue
between the russian nude chil
foreskin sex childen boys and Hadrian's big dick-head. My Hadrian groaned, as he started fucking into my throat. I could
feel my throat bulging out, with each of his upward thrusts. I felt
his big cock swell even bigger, as my erastes gave a long moan. As he
strained upward, undressing children I quickly slid enough of his cock out of my mouth, to
taste the god's nectar, as it was shot from his child porno colection nuts. Big gobs of his
cum was being shot into my hungry mouth. I swallowed and swallowed, as
his eggs sent more and more ftp child sex of nude children pic
his life juice into my mouth. He seemed
alright as his grunts accompanied each squirt of his life forces
into my sucking mouth. Finally, Hadrian began to free porno child relax. As soon as my Hadrian was soft,
he pulled me into a kiss. His tongue slipped into my mouth, and I child sex blowjob
Hadrian's big hand caressing my back. We lay hugging, childfuck free as he told me
what a good eromenos I am to him. I didn't see how I could love my
erastes any more. I again had porn child cartoon to pray to all the gods, thanking
them for giving me my Hadrian. incest children Our next stop was at Colonia Agrippinensis (Cologne, child pussies photos
the birth place of Nero's mother. Colonia Agrippinensis is the
most beautiful settlement on the Rhine. It had the usual array
of beautiful temples, theaters, baths, and public statuary. After spending the usual amount of time with the Governor, the
Emperor came to supper very worried one night. He was distracted
and his mind was elsewhere as we dined. Finally, he told me what
was bothering him. He felt the barbaric Allemani Tribe (Allemagne
is French for Germany), was the biggest threat to the security child hairdresser of
the Roman Empire. There seemed to naked ebony children always be fighting as the hot nude child Allemani encroached
on the Empire's boarders. It was taboo child modles just before bed time that the
Emperor brightened. He decided he would build a wall 9 feet high
and 300 miles long, to keep them out. porn child galleries It would be of wood, but
with the forts spaced every 9 miles, it should stop them cold. That night when we made love my erastes wanted to be on the
bottom, and after I had put plenty of oil in and around his love
chute, he put oil lovingly on my dick. He rolled over on his back,
lifting his legs onto his shoulders. I lined my dick up children nude naturist
his wonderful puckered entrance, and started gently pushing in
as my Hadrian pushed out. My dick slipped into his silky opening
with hardly any child diva clothes resistance. I slowly bottomed out with my
pubic hairs crushed against his beautiful butt. My Hadrian gave a
sigh of contentment as I rested there a moment, my heart so full of
love for this man. My only thought was to express my love to my
erastes and satisfy him. He gave his butt a little hump, letting me
know he was ready and wanted to be fucked. nude asia children I leaned forward so we could kiss. We both were so intense in
our love for each other, we were moaning in seconds. I slowly
drew out all but the head of my dick, making sure I hit his home
of the gods as I passed. Slowly I pushed back in, once again
hitting the childs nude gods' child schoolgirls
home as the child lingerie
head of my dick moved past it
until I could enter him no further. I then started a steady slow
dicking, making sure I hit the pleasure gods home each time. We were moaning and squirming, but we never sped up. Just
the slow, long, loving movements. Pre-cum was making a large
puddle on my Hadrian's stomach, and I knew he couldn't last
much longer. Too soon I felt Hadrian's nuts draw up getting love child porn ready
to shoot. I heard the grunting he does just before the gods send
their nectar children thumbs shooting from his dick. Neither of us had touched my
erastes' dick. With a loud moan, his seed started erupting from
his nuts, as he emptied shot after shot onto his chest and stomach.
At his first shot my dick decided it couldn't stand the contractions
and wonderful porno children galery
feelings it was receiving, and I gave a long loud
groan as the gods touched me and I started emptying deep inside
my lover. I gently withdrew from my erastes, and as he relaxed, I slowly
started licking his body clean of his love offering. When I could
find no more of his cum, he pulled me into his arms, and child pics russian we slept.ContinuedComments: Flames Happily Ignored sonrisaI answer all e-mails. If you should write and not get an
answer, it is because I didn't get it. Hotmail sometimes
gets overloaded. Please try again.Thanks for reading,
Joe Camp
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