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From: James Leete
Subject: My Maquis Lover Chapter 15Disclaimer:This story is based in the "Star Trek" universe. The use of anything
related to "Star Trek" in this series is little girls gratistpg little ru not intended to infringe upon the
rights of Paramount Pictures. The author is in no little tits thumbs
way associated with the
owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise.All other content or otherwise are works of my porno little pussy own imagination. All events
are fictitious in nature.Any similarities to persons living, dead, or otherwise are purely
coincidental.This story contains strong themes of homosexual content, if this offends
you in any way, please refrain from reading further. If you are not hard porn little
legal age to angel teen little read this, please leave now.Ok as little nakedgirl
well before we little april fuck start this is based on the series Star little girls nudes
Trek Voyager
but with a twist from the original story line and i hope you like it.Chapter 15: The ProposalPlease not again. As I walked into our quarters I looked around and the
place was a bloody pig sty. I only cleaned it up this morning. With Tom now
on night shifts he was at home all day and we would pass each other as he
started shifts. Luckily we did have the same days off each week and with me
being the night watch officer twice a week we also worked with each
other. But on days like today, the last thing I wanted to do when I got
home was clean up after his messes. There were plates and cups on the
table, pads all over the desk, in the bedroom there was his underwear on
the floor and a dirty towel, not to mention his dirty uniform. The bed
hadn't been made it was bloody state. I went into the bathroom and little girls petite saw that
the sink was still full of water and let's not even talk about the
toilet. I had it up to here with him so after cleaning the bathroom and
then tidying the bedroom and living area I picked up his uniform and dirty
underwear and walked out of the quarters heading for engineering. I entered
the little angels nudist
turbolift and said little girls mpegs
"Engineering." little nuds The turbolift began to descend and
soon I landed in engineering. I walked in and saw Tom stood girls littles littles toons
over by his
console. I also taylor little pussy
noticed B'Elanna over by the core. I walked over teens gallery little
to Tom little teen forum and
shouted "Who the hell do you think I am you're fucking slave?" He turned
and looked at me russian teens littles shocked "Babes?" he asked. "Don't babes me. I go back to
our quarters and the place looks like a fucking bomb site. Can't you ever
take care of yourself? I'm sick of it Tom, either buck up your ideas or go
find someone else to little cuties boy
clean your dirty underwear." I shouted throwing his
uniform and underwear at him and marching out the doors. He ran after me
and said "Oi, wait just one minute. Who the hell do you think you are?" Now
I was really mad. "I think I'm Jack Carter who the hell do you think you
are? The king of England. No Tom you're not, little people pussy I'm sick to death of cleaning
up your shit and cute little cock messes. I am not your fucking slave." I said. "So that
gives you the right to march into engineering and embarrass the hell out of
me." He said. "Yes it does, so either sort yourself out or go find
somewhere else to live." I said marching off down the corridor.I headed for the mess hall and ordered a burger with fries and a coke and
sat down alone eating in silence with a moody look on my face. Not that
many people were in the mess hall and Neelix could see the anger I
had. "Jack what's the problem?" he asked me. "Tom." I said. "What happened
now?" he said. This made me chuckle a bit. People always knew little sparrow whenever I
was in a bad mood tom was usually the source. "He treats me like his slave
Neelix, I clean little wet pussies
the quarters before I go to work without waking him, when I
come back it's 10 times worse than what it was when I left." I told
him. "Have you talked to him about this?" he asked. "Loads of times, but
today just hit the point and I had a go at little girl sexs him in engineering." I
replied. "I think..." I said trailing little nude girlz off. "What do you think?" he
asked. "I'm starting to wonder if Tom and I are really meant to be
together. He seems to take everything as one big joke. For a while I loved
that but now I think I want a lot more than that." I explained. "Oh but
Jack you still love each other and that's what counts." He said. "I do love
him but I just wish he could understand." I said. "Then explain it to him."
Said Neelix. "I plan to, tomorrow on our day off." I said. "By which point
he will have no doubt annoyed you again." Said Neelix. "I can't deal with
him now Neelix it has to be tomorrow." I said. wet little lisa
"Fair enough just explain
all this to him." He told me. "I will. Thanks." I said. little girls cz I continued to eat
and little camel toe finally headed for the holodeck. I saw that it was empty and walked
in. "Computer run program Jack Carter Alpha 35" I said. The scenery changed
from wet little pussy the standard hologrid to the beach in Malaysia. I slipped off my boots
and socks and rolled up my trousers and walked along the beach. I found my
spot on the beach and sat and watched the sun go little girls thumbnails down. I little boy 3dcartoon
always thought of
this as the most relaxing place just listening to the sound of the waves
crashing little thumbs pics
against the shore and watching girls little jpg the sun go down it really helped to
clear my mind. I sat there for a good 2 hours hardcore little april
just thinking about me and
Tom and all the times we had shared. Why wasn't he asking me? Did he not
want to anymore? When we were in the void he asked me about having
children, I said I wanted to but we should be married. That was 2 years ago
and we said we would do it in 2 years no matter what. The way I saw that
though was for him to ask me, not me ask him. He was the manlier one out of
the two of us and I just thought that could be something he would do. I
eventually stood up off the beach and said "Computer end program." The
holodeck grid reappeared and I left the holodeck and went back to our
quarters. After having a long hot bath I curled up in bed and drifted off
to sleep."The littles nacked link
time is 05:30" said little nikkilittle seventeen porn the computer. "Cancel alarm." I said. It's my day
off. I went back to sleep but heard tom come into the quarters, strip off
and little tight holes get into bed. little debbie clipart Unlike every other night we slept together he usually
moved in behind me and free little tits
wrapped his arms around my waist holding little bang me. But not
tonight he had his back turned away from me. Why should he shocking little sexboy be annoyed it
was his fault after all? I got up making sure that I pulled little girls undressing
the covers off
him a lot and said "Computer lights maximum illumination." He groaned and
said "Thanks a fucking bunch." I looked at him and said "Oh sorry did I
wake you." With rotten little dog
a Sarcastic tone in my voice. I russian little teens went into the bathroom and
had a nice wet shower before coming back into the bedroom. I threw my towel
on the floor and little vampire cast left it there. I was about to show him what he did to
me. I looked across and saw my underwear on the floor too. I went back into
the bedroom and blow dried my hair which he hated the loudness of and then
straightened it. Dressing in my gym kit, I went to the replicator and
ordered a bowl of cereal with coffee. I ate and drank and best little whorehouse left the bowl and
cup on the table. I then read small teens little
through a few pads on my desk and little kdz
just dumped
them on the side. Let's see how he fucking likes it. I left the quarters
and went to the gym having a really good work out. The captain joined me
part way through and we agreed to round off with a game of velocity on the
holodeck. "Sure but little kds tgp let me change first." I said. "Same, I'll pick up some
phasers and little nympho sex meet you in 10 minutes" she said. I went back to my quarters
and stripped off little nudist porn again and having another sonic shower leaving all my
clothes on the floor and using another towel and leaving that on the
floor. I changed into a new set of clothes and left the quarters again. I
arrived at the holodeck and played 2 games of Velocity with little babe fuck the captain
before we called it a day. I won both naturally. I checked the time and saw
that it was 13:00. "Fancy some little rock airport lunch?" I asked. "Yeah, why don't we meet in
the mess hall in say 20 minutes?" She said. "Okay you're on." Going back to
my quarters again and having yet another shower and changing and just
leaving everything on the floor for Tom I changed into my uniform and
joined the captain in the mess hall.We had a good talk over lunch and I told her about Tom tiny little cunts
and my plan and she
said "Sounds like a good plan." After rounding off lunch I went back to my
quarters to find tom cleaning up... for a change. "What the fuck is all
this?" he said holding my clothes. "What don't you like cleaning up my
mess?" I asked. "No clean it up yourself." He said without thinking. "AND
bellowed. "I mean yeah if we were married that would be okay japanese little porn
I guess, but
it seems that you can't keep promises" I said taking little porn shots my clothes off him and
putting them little girl romple in the replicator. "What do you mean?" he asked. "Oh little fuck asia I don't
know. The void 2 years ago, you said to me do you want to have kids? I said
yes but for us to be married first. You said okay in 2 years we will do it
no matter what. And look Tom here we are 2 years later." I said. "I did
this to give you a taste of your own medicine. You seem to think that life
is one big joke when littlest incest it comes to us. I don't, I want more, and I want to be
with you for the rest of my life. But if you can't do that then we can't be
together. I'm almost 30, I want to settle down." I went little boy pictures on to say. "Is that
what this is about?" he said. "Yes, that and the fact that you don't ever
clean up." I said. "I'm sorry I guess I thought you liked being the house
husband and as for marriage, well if that's what you want let's do it." He
said. "No Tom because you're just saying that because I said it. I want you
to mean it." I said leaving the quarters in tears. I went up to the bridge
and saw the captain sat in her chair. She saw the tears from my face and
walked over and took me by the arm in to her ready room "What's gay boy little wrong?" she
asked. "I did little boy angels it, I told him, and I don't know why I'm crying, I think I'm
just hormonal." I said. "It's about time you did. So what's say you come
sit on the bridge with us and you and I will re-align the lateral sensor
pods. They need doing." She said to me. I smiled and nodded. "Come on
then." She said photo little nude
leading me back onto the bridge. We went over littlegirl russian porn to the
engineering console and I noticed her nod at little april Chakotay extreme little teens probably just saying
that I was okay. I heard him working on the arm console between his and the
captain's chair while me and the captain worked on the sensors.About an hour after I arrived on the bridge, I little girlsporn
was beginning to feel so
much better. "Neelix to Lieutenant Carter." I heard over the comm. "Go
ahead." I said. "Could you little baby tgp come little girls kds to the mess hall and take a look at
something for me." little english girl
He said. "On my way" I said leaving the station and
heading for the turbolift. As the turbolift stopped on deck 2, the xxx little lesbians
opened and I noticed on the floor rose petals. I looked out of the doors
and saw that it was a line of rose petals. I followed them down the
corridor and into the mess hall which was covered in candles and was
completely little ladies
empty. I heard soft music playing and I looked around to see Tom
stood in the centre of the room dressed in his dress uniform. The sex girls little tables
had thai little girls
been moved little girl twats and in the centre of the room was a ring of rose little titt girls
surrounded by candles. It was the most romantic thing I had ever
seen. "What's going on?" I said. He held out his hand and I walked over and
stepped inside the rose petal ring. I faced him and said "Tom what is
this?" He remained silent. He dirty little sluts
went into his pocket and pulled out a small
box. He then got down on one knee and said "Jack you are the most important
person in my life." I felt a tear roll down my cheek. He snapped open the
small box and inside was a white gold engagement band with diamonds all
around it. "Lieutenant Jack Carter, love of my life. Will you marry me?" he
said. I looked down and said "Yes." His face lit up and he got up. "What
was that?" he said. "Yes, Yes I will marry you." I said hugging him and
kissing him. I heard the doors to mess hall open and in walked the senior
staff all clapping. Now I really was crying. I looked at the captain who
came over little girl nipples and hugged me. Chakotay, Paris and Kim shook my hand and then I
went and gave innocent little slut B'Elanna a big hug. When I finally went around everyone, I
even got a hug from Seven, I went back and little spanish girls stood with Tom who took the ring
out its box and placed it on my engagement finger. Neelix then went around
and handed out champagne as the tears continued to flow down little girl swimming
my face. "Did
you plan this?" toplist little pussy I finally asked Tom. "Jack my sweet I have been planning
this for the last two weeks. The whole me being sloppier than usual thing
was all an act. I had to recruit the help of all the senior staff in
particular little john little gallery
the captain to keep you occupied so you wouldn't twig on what I
was doing." He said. "Well it bloody worked." I said punching him in the
arm. I laughed and couldn't stop smiling. "Okay everyone, I would like to
propose a toast to my darling fiancée who I'm hoping in little russian teen one month from
today will small little nudes be my husband. Assuming he approves of the timetable." Said
Tom. "One month, that's perfect." I said. "Cheers." Said everyone knocking
their glasses together. I kissed Tom and then said "Hey Paris, it's your
turn next." I said A little agency nodding to B'Elanna and they both just laughed. "And
while we are here, I don't know about Tom but I already have three things
in mind already. Captain will you perform nasty little girl
the little cuties girls ceremony?" I asked. "I would
be honoured to." She said. "Second, B get yourself over here." I said to
B'Elanna. "Will you be my maid of honour?" I said. "Of course." Wearelittlestars archive She said. I
looked around to underground little pussy Neelix and said "Neelix, will you get Naomi up here
please?" I asked. "Of course." He little lotitas said. "Well I also have three things
planned" said Tom. "Firstly Chakotay will little tiny nudist
you be my best man?" asked Tom
"For you my friend of course." Chakotay replied hugging Tom. It made sense
as Chakotay and Tom had known each other for years. "Second, Harry little japanese pics would be
so good as to walk Jack down the aisle as black little girl
kind of like Father to the
bride." He asked. "I would be glad too." Said Harry smiling at me. "And
lastly Paris, would you be so good as to use your amazing holodeck wizardry
to help Jack create a perfect wedding scenario." He asked. "I would love
nothing more than to do just that." He replied. The doors to the mess hall
opened and in walked Naomi. I went over to her and she said "You wanted to
see me Jack?" "Yes crewman, I have a job I would like your help with." I
said. "Oh and what would that be?" she asked. I loved Naomi, she thought of
herself as the assistant captain and she was designated as Voyagers
Littlest Crewmember. "Well Ensign Walker has just asked me little asia porn to marry him and
I have agreed. I wondered if you would be part of the wedding also by being
firstly my flower girl and also as the ring bearer." I said. "Of course
Jack I would love to." She said smiling up at me. "And congratulations."
She said hugging me and then Tom. I smiled and said "Thank you." It seems
like I have a wedding to plan I thought to myself.Sorry it's a short one, but little ilegal porn I wanted to write this in preparation for the
next short one before the wedding.
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